Jan 5, 2014

Happy Easter and Softball

Coloring Eggs is a favorite in this family. We always color at least 2 dozen. Never enough eggs. And you must have several eggs to test different color combinations with.  We used Kool-Aid this year and personally I think the kits at the store work better.
Charlee is a professional now that she is 3.  Her hands weren't stained and there weren't any cracked eggs this year.  She was even into writing on the plain egg with the clear crayon (my favorite) its like a surprise all over when you fish it out of the color. Love this.
 Easter was at Nina's this year.  The weather was perfect for an egg hunt.

 Henry wasn't quite dressed for the family photo. I was still working on getting a family of 4 ready for things.

 The Easter bunny hopped in through the front door. Sneaky bunny. And favorite Easter treat... a kite. I was not expecting the excitement over the dollar kite at target, but wouldn't ya know...

 this face...
 Charlee found the "Golden" egg this year at Lala's house.  This is her first golden egg and she was pumped about it.  She is very competitive already, and if she wouldn't have been the winner there would have been tears and a long conversation about how she never gets to win anything and that all she wanted was to find it. I know this because last year Gaeton found the "Golden" egg and it took a good 20 min to recover from the devastation.
 in other news... big boy is 6 months. I will say that I enjoy boys jammies. They are fun and something I can get "into" shopping for.  I still struggle with the normal clothes. We still live in jammies most of the time because I hate it when I put jeans on him and it digs into his belly. How uncomfortable... seriously it gives me anxiety, so I will get a few pictures and then change him. I remember being that way with Charlee too, but dresses are pretty comfy so I would always pick dresses.

 My dear friend called me one day to see if I would let Charlee play on the 4 year old softball team. Heck YES I would. She was the coach and it was the cutest thing in the whole world.  Gavin helped out and we loved watching her play.  She obviously was the youngest on the team but did really well.  She picked it up pretty fast and only had one issue on the field when her daddy wasn't listening to what she was telling him, so he had to carry her off the field. She hit the ball when her coach pitched it to her and only needed the tee one time.  A shout out to my brother for setting her up with the best of Mizuno for her first softball experience. 

 Charlee wanted to feed her bubbies.  He doesn't care who feeds him as long as they keep it coming.

 Daddy turned 32 this April the 18th.  Wowzers, he's old as dirt. Charlee made him a special banner.
 Red Velvet cake for the birthday boy. *from scratch

 Charlee in her softball uniform.  She was on the Green Machine Team.  She made some new friends and was such a big girl and went to every practice and game only complaining minimally.  She got to be the "home run" hitter a few times and loved running all the way around.  I got plenty of video and didn't embarrass Gavin or the coach too many times by crying over team pictures or every time she hit the ball.  It was fun and hopefully she will want to play again next year.
 uncle Chad even made it to a game. Along with Granty Karol, Poppy, Mae-Mae, Mimi, Papaw Danny, Papaw Greg, Nina, Grandpa Jack, Mo-Mo Kay, Keekah, Manny, Aunt Jenny, Gaeton, and Grier.


Oct 30, 2013

St. Patricks Day

My little stinkers were all geared up for St. Patrick's Day! 

Charlee wanted to make a leprechaun trap this year so we spent the night before St. Pattys Day making the best Leprechaun trap EVER!

Don't worry... she isn't naked, she is wearing panties.  It was a much cleaner option for a 3 year old painter that MUST do it all by themselves.  Aunt Manny helped a little.  I seem to remember there being a lot more marshmallows when we started, but Charlee assured me I was wrong and that was all I gave her. 

We went to Nashville TN to visit family over Spring Break.

And of course we brought snow flurries with us.  We cant get away from the cold!!!
Big boy had rice for the first time. He wasn't a huge fan... and didn't really get the spoon concept yet.
Charlee is in Dance practicing for her recital.  It was so cute to see her be SOOOO into it.
Another Pinterest idea. Moon Sand buried treasure.  This kept her busy for a while!!!

This is not a very good picture, but Charlee is playing dress up and putting makeup on at her vanity that Santa got her for Christmas. Such a sweet moment. I had to zoom in on my camera phone from across the room so I didn't ruin the moment trying to find my camera.

Henry hung out with Momma while I got my hair done. He was so good, just looking at the cars driving by.  Could NEVER do this now that he is 1... the store would be a disaster.
My little Wolverines!! Soooo Cute... Daddy loved this.

But this looks a little better to me.... GO HOOSIERS. Charlee loved the cheer leading outfit so she always picked IU to root for so she could wear the skirt  root for her favorite team.

Dress up at Uncle Chad and Aunt Jens house. So much fun getting the girls together!!
Pressing on people... I've got many blogs to do and so little time.