Oct 30, 2013

St. Patricks Day

My little stinkers were all geared up for St. Patrick's Day! 

Charlee wanted to make a leprechaun trap this year so we spent the night before St. Pattys Day making the best Leprechaun trap EVER!

Don't worry... she isn't naked, she is wearing panties.  It was a much cleaner option for a 3 year old painter that MUST do it all by themselves.  Aunt Manny helped a little.  I seem to remember there being a lot more marshmallows when we started, but Charlee assured me I was wrong and that was all I gave her. 

We went to Nashville TN to visit family over Spring Break.

And of course we brought snow flurries with us.  We cant get away from the cold!!!
Big boy had rice for the first time. He wasn't a huge fan... and didn't really get the spoon concept yet.
Charlee is in Dance practicing for her recital.  It was so cute to see her be SOOOO into it.
Another Pinterest idea. Moon Sand buried treasure.  This kept her busy for a while!!!

This is not a very good picture, but Charlee is playing dress up and putting makeup on at her vanity that Santa got her for Christmas. Such a sweet moment. I had to zoom in on my camera phone from across the room so I didn't ruin the moment trying to find my camera.

Henry hung out with Momma while I got my hair done. He was so good, just looking at the cars driving by.  Could NEVER do this now that he is 1... the store would be a disaster.
My little Wolverines!! Soooo Cute... Daddy loved this.

But this looks a little better to me.... GO HOOSIERS. Charlee loved the cheer leading outfit so she always picked IU to root for so she could wear the skirt  root for her favorite team.

Dress up at Uncle Chad and Aunt Jens house. So much fun getting the girls together!!
Pressing on people... I've got many blogs to do and so little time.

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