Oct 16, 2010

Pickin Punkins

Beasley's Orchard

 Its fall, or its supposed to be. Not this day it was blazing hot and i had hoped for jeans and sweatshirt pictures at the pumpkin patch, but instead we were sweating and sticking to the hay on the hayride through the rows of Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees.  It also was the Harvest Festival at the orchard so it was annoyingly packed with people.  We took one of about four tractors that was shuttling families back and forth.  Despite the dust from the tractor getting in and on everything we saw families of all kinds.  A nervous new dad had his two week old son slipped in a baby Bjorn and constantly adjusted his make shift canopy aka: burp cloth to where it blocked out any stray ray of sun from hitting that perfect new skin.  Then there was the family that had been on this hayride several times before and the kiddos knew the drill and were so excited to get their pumpkin they weren't waiting for the ride to stop before they were diving over one another only to be stopped in their tracks by mom and dad... who clearly had been on this ride before.  We are newbies to the tractor ride.  I loved how Charlee just sat there looking at all the people and was quiet and still taking it all in.  I loved that she couldn't decide what pumpkin was hers. I have that same problem.  I loved that she didn't care her cute shoes were covered in dirt and that she fell a few times and got right back up because she didn't have time to cry.  She is busy. 
 Her perfect pumpkin. 
 She will grab your hand and walk you over to where she wants you to go and its like she knows she cant tell you what she wants so she will show you.  I love it.

 She thought she was so big with her cider in a big girl cup.   I had to secretly switch back to juice because lord knows what that would have done to her poor little belly.

 I love her.  She is such and indigo child... thanks to my sister-in-law Jen i now know what that means.  We have a lot of indigo little ones and big ones in our family.
 So I imagine one day taking pictures of Charlee after she has passed her drivers test, spent hours getting ready for her drivers license picture (that you cant smile in anymore... really?) Keys in hand ready to drive off in her new ride... don't be confused when i say new... i mean new to her, not new.  It will be old and sturdy and perfect for a new driver, because seriously she is going to hit something.  You know... backing out, or scrape the side of her car with branches, or just barely hit the car in front of her at a light.  Point is it wont matter because it will just add character.  Hopefully she will have no memory of what we drive around town in now, because she would be mortified... duct tape is involved.
Anyways... I will put those pictures next to these in her scrapbook. HaHa
 Her parking spot.
 This is her "Pretty smile" which we probably should stop telling her to do...
Second parking spot for when it rains. 
Oh and by the way we have a fly living in our house.  I thought they only lived for like 3 days max inside but this is the fly that wouldn't die, i know for sure its been about a week and Gavin even mentioned that there was a fly that is still in our house.  Just another reason our cats are an epic fail.  We went on to name him and add him into our family.  I know what your thinking, and its true... we are big dorks.  Gavin just took a one second break from winning a very strategically played and perfectly executed NBA2K11 game to ask me if i enjoyed being a dork... and i of course replied.... Yep.

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