Oct 26, 2010

Loving Fall

Let me start by saying I love storms. 
So I worked last night and came home to a tornado warning in effect until 2pm.  Charlee was with her LaLa and Daddy was at work so momma tucked it in for some good rainy-day sleep which is my all time fav.  Went to sleep about 8ish and woke up an hour later to our patio furniture slamming into our bedroom window and the wind blowing 80 mph... seriously was 60! All disoriented, i tried to fumble to get the cell phone that was buried in the sheets (in case my baby needed me) because i was sure a tornado was coming through the house at any moment.  Called Lala to check on Buckets and they were fine, going to go to a safe place just to be safe, then i called my hubby and knowing he was in the middle of teaching, had to ask him if i was going to be okay because i didn't even know what day it was... He said i would be fine, but he had to go because he was in the middle of taking cover with 30-some kids.  I'm sure he is used to me not knowing what day it is since I have night shift brain.  Especially after one hour of sleep.  Just long enough to get into a deep sleep and when you try to wake up and your body has officially shut down your eyes burn like they are filled with sand.  I was sitting in the bathroom in the dark and called my mom just to make sure if i died i will have talked to everyone on my speed dial,  sad part is when I try to talk after an hour of sleep nothing makes sense and I cant speak clearly or correctly.  Quite comical actually. I know, wrap it up... so there wasn't a tornado and about 5 min later after checking all the news channels i went back to sleep. Thank the lord.  It was a crazy morning.

Charlee loves, I mean LOVES to be outside so in all the outside pictures she is Happy.  We were at a birthday party and the entire house was wall to wall with baby toys and Charlee just wanted to be outside.  When I look at this picture I just want to kiss her face off. Man I love her.  This is a collection of pictures that i haven't posted yet, but are all about fall and the excitement that comes with the changing of the leaves... that didn't happen this year - bummer of the season.  I hear its due to the lack of rain we had this summer.  We were visiting Lafayette this weekend and the drive there made Lafayette look even sicker... Gavin even commented that the trees just weren't the same this year.  We chalked it up to the influence of Lafayette on the trees.... I want to vomit when I drive down 65 since I commuted there for nursing school for 4 years.  I just got shivers thinking about it again. I love my job, and I'm very thankful, but I'm not so sure i would do that again. Lafayette kinda reminds me of a prison, and compared to Bloomington.... there is no comparison.  Sorry Tia!

 We were enjoying a fire, hot apple cider, corn hole, and jacket weather.  I was taking it all in before I had to go to work.
Daddy and his baby.  He is so hunky.

 And just a reminder 1 year ago my little girl was only a month old.  Cant wait for this years costume.  Its going to be a family costume!!

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