Dec 9, 2010

Its about time

So its been waaaaay too long.  Our computer refused to let me upload anymore pictures... so on "Black Friday" we got a new one!!! So I have been an uploading fool. And got a great deal on Photoshop 9... still learning the basics but man what you can do with pictures! Long story short... I will be blogging soon!

I just learned that earlier tonight at home Daddy was 'rockeyin' Miss Charlee and she was doin her thing with the restless legs... and he asked her if she wanted to go lay in her bed which her response is usually 'uh uh' and slamming her head down and pushing her not-tired eyes closed in an attempt to really try to go to sleep... but not this time... she said 'Yett' (yes) and he had to verify by asking her a second time.... 'Yett'

Daddy didn't believe her.  She flopped down on her belly and didn't utter a peep. Daddy watched the rest of the Colts game. Mommy doesn't believe Daddy.  If you know him, you know that he will let you believe things that aren't true for very a very long time.  I'll have to see it to believe it.

So im just a little sad about my baby not needing us to rockey her anymore.  Its very nice on momma and dadda with the bed time routine... but really?

Oh and Charlee has been in time-out 3 times since Monday.  Trust me, I love the girls sass and that she has a huge personality... but hitting friends that come over to play (sorry Morgan), throwing the cat food (which if we would just get rid of the cats... problem solved), and throwing her food on the floor are things we just can do.  She is a smart girl so hopefully we wont use time-out very often.  fingers crossed.

Pictures soon... im at work so kinda impossible!

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