Dec 11, 2010

Baby Its Cold Outside

Better yet... Rainy and sick.  We had an impromptu shopping trip today to the Disney Store (little bit of heaven) and i can honestly say I'm so excited for Charlee to open her gifts on Christmas.  Nina and mommy couldn't choose and went a little nuts in the store.  But who could resist gellies that are heels... and light up... and have the princess' on them???

Poor Papaw... he had to try to rein Charlee the whole time.  We love you for that!

These are catch up pics from before Turkey-Day.
Gavin surprised me this year and had the Crowes over to help decorate the house... he knew i really wanted to get the house decorated because its my fav time of year and so of course we needed some cocktails...

Charlee helped too... She HAD to get up on the counter to help mommy

"I will throw this ball" She broke 3 the dainty little thing

Minnie and Mickey are her all time favs.  She loves them, Mickey got left at Poppys at thanksgiving and Minnie got left at LaLa's for a few days and she was asking where they were the whole time. I think i need to buy extras... and just wondering are the jammies too small?

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