Dec 22, 2010

Christmas Gifts

I'm supposed to be getting ready.... so this might have to be short.  I've had to work the last few days in order to get a few off before Christmas Eve (when i have to work again) Sick... i know.  Gavin has been on break so he woke me up yesterday with some coffee.. he had it all cream and sugared up just the way i like it! oh and the laundry was caught up for the most part... i know I'm pretty lucky.  Anyways we were back to the festivities.  Every year we make clay figures for my mom. Well a few times a year on special occasions and she now has quite a few all over the house and she is nutty for them.  This year we even got a request... a Christmas tree (there is a pic later) so MacKenzie and Madison came over to bust out some Christmas trees.  Charlee made a hand print.  She wasn't really into it so she was watching Mickey Mouse!

 Charlee went to see Santa... It was just as i expected, she was not happy about sitting on his lap and she cried but we got an awesome picture.  I'll get it on here soon. Gavin recorded the whole event... and i think he will upload it.  Side note: I don't know if it was because i was tired but Santa's helper really made me want to go all scrooge-like on her.  Seriously she said we somehow got out of line... when there wasn't a line when we got there and let a group go ahead of us... fine, fine. Then she told the little girl behind us that she had to be a big girl and wait because Charlee supposedly was in front of her... gutting a little irritated at this point.  Then when it was our turn i told her i just wanted a picture and it didn't matter if she was crying.  So i sat Charlee down - she cried and i picked her up and asked the lady "Did you get one?" and she said "No, she wasn't smiling"...... Really? So we sat by Santa and gave him a few high-fives because Santa was sure that she would warm up to him.  She did try to give Santa knuckles and he left her hangin... So I made sure i told her to take it anyways and gave her back for one more try... NOPE... still cried... but thankfully the lady didn't want to die yesterday and she took one anyways.  Then, We just got a 5x7 and some wallets and Gavin was checking the envelope when we left and it was just the wallets so i went back to the register and told her we didn't get the 5x7 and she had to see for herself and just couldn't believe we didn't get it.  She doesn't need to work there because she is a B-word and Gavin even made a comment about her when he saw is was turning into the Grinch.  He never gets fired up like me.  Time Out- let me clarify: He doesn't get irritated at strangers that have no brain but Gavin has the shortest fuse ever when it comes to not being able to find something (remote, wallet, cell phone, insurance card...) or if he leaves his headlights on and has to jump his car (YES... this happens ALL THE TIME and NO he never learns) And to further clarify... he completely goes postal to where you cant help but watch him wigggg out and it shouldn't be funny... but it so is!!
So she wasn't really a fan of the big guy...
 Our family ornament this year!!
 Just a year ago....
 Here is the craziness
 Baking our trees
See if you can guess who's tree is who's... this is one of the fun parts about all the little figures.
We will paint them later.
 Mommies little helper...
 After all the fabulous crafts we all needed a cocktail...

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