Dec 15, 2010

Its Snowing

Charlee wasn't thrilled with snow.  She thought she would be.... and it was pretty much a disappointment, she barely made it off the porch.  But I didn't mind, she was ready to come back in within minutes!! Yay
We also are at the age where bruises are a daily occurrence.  She runs everywhere and is kinda rough on everything.  We call her "She-Hulk" 
Charlee still throws everything away in the trash.... babies, ornaments, sippys, remotes (yeah... that would be bad because Gavin would NEVER find it, he has a hard time finding it when its on his lap)
Recently we started having two-word conversations they are hilarious, you should try them.  We try to use her words and then we just start laughing because we are actually communicating with her and its just crazy that you can see her learning and growing before your eyes.
Teething...... my poor little one. Three back teeth and the red bottom that comes with it is giving her a free pass to run naked all day!! Surprisingly she has been sleeping in her bed all night long for about 2 weeks now.  I'm not sure why, but this makes me sad.  I still get to rock her though. 

Charlee wanted to add something to the blog:
n   b     bbbvbb vcvcxzZ     mmmmbcvcxZnnnnnnnbm,m,mm,, bbvcxz

 Props to Gavin because he "made" mashed potatoes last night... he did everything but mash them.  And all the little things you don't think of are HUGE when you don't cook.  I was in my class for work and these were the text i was getting...  "Where are the potatoes?" "Where is the peeler?" "I hope its okay that i put the potatoes in the water before it was boiling" "How in the hell am i supposed to know if they are done?"  It made my class much more tolerable. 
He got it done and he is my hero for doing that!!! Dave and Angie had Chicken N Noodles, Mashed Potatoes, and Corn. They just had their first baby ... little Harvey!!

We went over to Gaston and Jennys for an ornament exchange and all the littles got to play.


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