Dec 18, 2010

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards are done!! I was a little late this year, but its partially CVS's fault too.  I tried printing them in seconds from the kiosk and only 13 turned out the others were smeared.  And i was a little irritable that morning and in a hurry to get diapers and get back home so i told them i didn't want to wait and i would just do it again some other time.  Waisted time... so annoying.  I loved dropping the pile of letters into the big blue mail box at the post office. I will admit that I get a little too freakishly excited for Christmas cards. Gavin thinks they are a waste of money and no one even cares about them... then i noticed he brought the mail in and quickly skimmed past the bills/junk to get to the ones he knew were Christmas cards... he is a liar, he likes them too.  However, he didn't care about what i picked for ours (i know thats typical for a male) just commented that they looked nice when he saw me stuffing them into envelopes.  He did have a comment when he noticed the return address sticker... If your one of the lucky ones that gets our lovely card this year you may notice they are from a Ms. Megan Armstrong... they came free in the mail from St. Jude and I kinda was lazy and didn't want to write our return address so i just used the festive ones they sent.  Gavin thought i should have hand wrote The Groningers... or better yet Mr. Gavin Groninger.

 This little tradition is from my friend at work Mrs Lisa.  She always makes Holiday cards for the babies at work and last year for Charlee's 1st Thanksgiving and Christmas we made turkeys and trees out of her little footprint.  This year they were bigger... but she enjoyed smooshing her feet in the paint. 
 They turned out so its all good... then you put them in 4X6 frames and get them out every year! LOVE IT.
 She just looked so snowbunnie-ish i had to take a quick picture on the way home from Nanas (her name is  Nina now, Charlee changed it)
 We made Peanut Butter Blossoms at Ninas house... Charlee helped unwrap the Hershey kisses.
 Well really she ate them.  Seriously these cookies are my fav!! I had 56 last night.

 Charlee is kinda obsessed with putting on shoes.... anyone shoes. And I'm really excited about Christmas this year because we (Nina and I) got her several shoes she can wear from all the Princess' closets! I might be more excited than i should, but that happens a lot this time of year. 
 And..... Lots of snow.  This still looks white and sparkly. Did i mention i love Christmas.
More to come we are getting ready to go to my Grandma Kosts for cookie making today...
Gavin is exceptionally happy today because he gets to enjoy one of the several perks of being a teacher... 2 weeks off!! Charlee is so happy to have her playmate home all week this week with her!! She still loves her normal routine of traveling to LaLa's and Poppy's but is welcoming staying in her jammies all week I'm sure.  And her daddy lets her do whatever she wants.  Im pretty sure she mastered the look that melts him already.

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