Dec 28, 2010

And im spent...

My baby is all tucked in for the night! I can finally sit without thinking of all the other things I need to be doing.  Christmas was grand.  I really do think that I'm not just saying it, but with a 15 month-old the first gift would have been plenty.  The festivities are all month long, but the finale of Santa coming is by far the best.  I tried to create matriarchal traditions that will last through the years and I still have some that we didn't do this year because wee little Charlee is just too young (Elf on the shelf, reindeer food, Santa get the point) Maybe next year!! I still am sitting here in shock that I got any pictures at all, because I feel like it was a whirl-wind for 3 days.  The Groningers had several places to go and definitely not enough time to do it all.  We could have used some of Santa's magical powers to slooooow time.  We started Christmas Eve morning at our house because I sent Santa a letter explaining that I had to work on Christmas Eve night and it would be very helpful if just this year he could come Christmas Eve Eve... It worked, he came and Nina, Papaw, Kinsey,  and Manny came over for waffles and mimosas.  I did get my favorite picture of Charlee when she saw what Santa had left out for her.  She really did freak out and got so excited about all the stuff sitting out.  Then we went to Mimi and Papaws to see Aunt Jenny, Uncle Gaston, and Gaeton.  Santa went there too!! Charlee and Gaeton would have been happy with each others gifts.  I desperately needed a nap... and so did Charlee so about 4:30 I went to lay down and about 10 min later Mimi brought me a snuggle bunny.  I needed to be up by 5:45 to get home and change before I left for work.  I looked over at the clock at 7:30!! Gavin had answered my phone when work called to cancel me for the first 4! YESSSS.  Then we visited Poppy and May-May before I went in to work at 11:00.  

We did get the Christmas Trees done in time for Christmas at Nina's.... I love how they are all Christmas trees with the same yellow star, but very different versions!! Nina loved them.

Santa came
Our Tree. Notice all the ornaments are at the top and middle. Every time Charlee would bring me one i would put it up higher. This is a tree that is 15 month-old proof! Not the prettiest, but its been a good old tree. Fell over twice last year and now to make it through Charlee... I give it props! It fell like 4 times when i took it down this year. It was begging me to just put it out of its misery.  Gavin said "NO" when i looked on line at the 50% off trees that really wanted to join our family.  So... you will see the beaute next year.
Her stocking!!
Mommy and Daddies stocking... hmm, not so full! Were we bad?
Christmas Morn (Christmas Eve)
She didn't sleep there, she just came in to watch Mickey while Nina and Papaw were in route.
Excited that people came to play
My favorite picture eva.... she couldn't pick all of them up fast enough. I Love this!!!
Princess Charlee already over stimulated with gifts! Mannie was helping motivate her to press on!
MOMMIES GIFT!!!! Gotta love it! Thats my babies finger print.... yeah my hubby rocks!
Breakfast... yes Charlee is nakee because she is messy and we didn't want mommy to have the pressure of not ruining the princess gown in the wash this soon.
The waffles taste so much better in the Mickey waffle maker... swear its true!
Kisses for Mickey and Daisy

I got them both smiling... might not happen again for years!!
Kissing cousins... on top of the fridge. Gaeton always kisses her nose... every time
Of course Charlee doesn't want to get down and if she does she wants Papaw to catch her... not daddy.

Little People house... thanks Uncle Gaston and Aunt Jenny!
Hurry up Gaston... Charlee is going to steal Gaetons toy

Christmas Morning at Nina's.  Her tree is a nice, pre-lit that doesn't shed yellowed snow. Aww maybe some year I'll get one.

We are ready...

Daddy's here!! He went to Great Grandma G's house, It was decided that after she passed everyone was still going to keep true to the tradition and celebrate like they had for the past 50 years...with waffles and sausage early Christmas morning and lots of love!!

By the way... Gavin literally complained every day that he didn't have jammies and no one loves him enough to get him any.  Well sweetheart there isn't going to be any jammies for 6 foot 5ers the week of Christmas.  Not to mention... I asked him about a month ago what pair he wanted from Old Navy and the ones there "weren't comfy" or "not Christmas-y enough" Thank the lord Nina came through and these will have to do!!! Next year... I'm not even asking.
Still up from my nap at Mimi's house, but I'm all jacked up on Christmas to notice that I'm really tired.  I get a nap in while everyone is playing Epic Mickey! (I know you all were worried about me)
We have created a monster...
The girl will do anything for....... M&M's
WOW Mackenzie found the Christmas Pickle!!! She never finds it...
Grantie Karol and Charlee... again.... eating M&M's (Creeper in the background) This is another game our family tries to play.  We try to be creepers in backgrounds of other peoples pictures! Point Maddie

And our new years resolution: to learn how to share! Sorry Harper! Nina do something...
Grantie Kappy hosts tea time with her girls.

I had to re-arrange the Toy Room and this is her favorite spot! She weasels in there and lifts her legs.  She must practice a lot, because she does it all the time when you go to put her down... always good for a laugh.

Needed to fill up... in the car
So now that everything is over I feel spent... I snapped as many pictures as I could and Daddy got the video camera rolling a couple times so we will have the memories.  I just wish I could remember EVERYTHING about it and know that she loved every second as much as I did.  And even though we visited several places we still didn't see my brother in Nashville or my sister in Lafayette but they both have littles and need to be at home on Christmas! The chaos is always worth it!
I will say ... there ain't nothin better than a clean house.  It took two days to take down Christmas stuff/re-arrange rooms/put away all the gifts and clean everything afterwards.  Once again... worth it. 
Mackenzie came over today and I ended up going through all the 12 month clothes in Charlees dresser and closet to put way and this makes me so sad every time.  I just don't understand how Ive put away a years worth of clothes and I still cant believe I'm blessed enough to have a daughter let alone a 15 month old.  when i rocked her tonight i just stared at her clutching Mickey and Minnie and hoped she was as happy as we are to have her in our lives.  It goes too fast and all i want to do right now is go wake her up ... or as Charlee would say "BAKEUP" so I can cuddle up with her.  I just want to smell her hair and neck (I don't even care how creepy that sounded because its true)... actually can Yankee develop a candle that smells that angelic? Oh and one that smells like her when she just had a bath!
Anyways my neck is in need of some heating pad action... Hope everyone had a merry Christmas.

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