Jan 1, 2011

2010 We'll miss you

Does everyone tear-up when the ball drops? I hope I'm not the only one.  Then we make our rounds to give everyone kisses and hugs and drink our bubbly... Charlee even had a festive glass with sparkling juice in it (I think aunt Jenny got that picture)  It was a weird New Year for me and I'm not sure why.  Maybe it was because it was thundering and lightning right at midnight... huge thunders and scary-big lightnings... does that ever happen on January 1? And I thought 2010 was a great year, but i still hold 2009 very close to my heart and maybe 2011 can trump her, but i doubt it... I'll at least be open to the idea.  So to say the least I'm kinda in an awkward place with 2011.  We had a blast at uncle Gaston and aunt Jennys bringin in the new year.  We ate, we drank, we played with munchkins, we ate some more, we laughed at our husbands, we talked about future munchkins, we called family who wasn't there to yell into the phone "Happy New Year, I LOVE YOU." I always love everyone a little bit more on the holidays... silly i know, but sadly true.  - Maybe i shouldn't say that?? At least I'm being honest.  I get reminded of how short life is and how precious each day is and then look out... im like a blood-sucking leach annoying Gavin with too many hugs and pushing Charlee to the edge begging and bargaining for more kisses.  I know what she is thinking (get the hell off me mom), but because she cant say it out loud i act as if its okay that i still do it. 

Here are pics from our Pajama Party New Years!!
 Little Gavin, Charlee, Gaeton, Bailynn (spelling?), Reece, Brayden holding little sis Allison, and Kate

Charlee loves Gaetons trampoline.  The daddy's almost broke it a couple times thinking they could just sit on it.  75lb limit boys... get off!!

 She left this "ATT" on for a while...
 Loves slides... and Gaeton has like 3!!

She was HAPPY! She loves stairs!

 This was the best we could do... Charlee wasn't in the mood to be held at all... she was way too busy!

 Gaeton-style Pool
 We are going down the slide into the balls

 Yummie Jello-shots!
 haha... looks like papaw took his false teeth out!! haha
 Naked babies dancing to "Stuck like Glue - Sugarland" One of Gaetons fav songs eva!
 We laughed for a while over this picture. "thumbs up"
 don't worry, he's just tickling her...

 Oh yeah.... munchkins got M&M's
 Gavin was blowing the horn-party favor (don't know what its name is) and she thought he was hilarious
 This was at MIDNIGHT.... Charlee is spent (non-stop playing since 7) she will be asleep in about 15 min in her car seat. haha
 Aunt Jenny was a huge hit with her Elmo pj's.
 The blow-horn-thingy....

Seriously... how sick is it that after eating all night, when we left Gavin BEGGED me to drive by White Castle (okay he didn't beg, I had some too) Really at 1am i needed more grease and carbs? Gavin was trying to be so nice after he was done eating by cleaning it all up and i was looking at pictures from the night on the camera... and he threw my cheese sticks and cheeseburger away in the trash.... i saved the burger but had a moment over the cheese sticks.  I almost forgot that it was the new year because i felt the "HULK" was trying to come out.  Speaking of the "hulk"... i think it would be awesome to just throw a fit... a real tantrum-like fit. Maybe not at home either, maybe at the store in the middle of the isle when you discover they are out of whole water chestnuts and its the 3rd store you've been to on Christmas Eve Eve.  (that happened to me if you couldn't tell and im still irked about it) Would people laugh or be scared when they saw me kicking and screaming on the floor of isle 14? I guess if i was at Walmart it would be par for the course. haha.

My long-lost-cheese sticks
 And I'll leave you with this: He is a Super-freak
 I know i have to have a New Years Resolution and I'm going to "blow your socks off" -Mackenzie Crowe. I am joining the masses and shockingly going to lose the 10lbs i still have from being pregnant.  Sad i know. This includes working out and dieting. Next: Continue to blog... because I really LOVE it.  I thought it would be like many things i start ...with a bang and then fizzle out when i am over the "new toy" feeling. Not true here... because i know its something that Charlee can look back on and see how stupid and crazy and fun-loving our family is. And once a year has passed i can just click back to last year and see what we were doing on this date a year ago.  And it forces me to document with pictures! I like the challenge of trying to get a 15 month old to smile.  Or the challenge of getting my husband to look normal in a photo (he wont ever just smile, reference picture above). And 3 resolutions seems like a good number... so to make my hubby happy: I'm going to make dinner 2 nights a week!! I know most of you already make dinner at least 5... but trust me, this would be a miracle if i made dinner 2 nights. Laura has Chilly night on Mondays and now Buzz's Pizza night on Thursdays so that leaves me Tues, Wed, Fri.  No one cooks on Friday... so if I'm not working that leaves me Tues and Wed.  But if i work.... hmm... i think I'm already trying to justify reasons why this might not work? maybe i should think of another... haha. 
I hope everyone had an awesome New Years Eve and Happy 1/1/11.  Today would be a good birthday, or anniversary! Go eat some cabbage for good luck. Just don't put the dime/nickle down the garbage disposal... right Greg?

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