Jan 15, 2011


Love me some coffee! And today Charlee was sitting by me wanting to try it so being the good mom that I am... I let her... and she said "MMM... tank ooo Mommy" I mean how cute is that, and my coffee does taste like a milkshake... cream and sugar please, actually fat free french vanilla cream and sweet n low... who drinks black? Why torture yourself...
So I had 2-3 cups, that i had to re-heat every 30 min or so.  You get busy playing, picking up crayons for the 4th time because she just loves to dump them, not color with them, dump them, and giggle... then moves on.  So you pick them up because you know she will come sprinting around the corner so excited that she spotted the box full again.  I love it, I wish I didn't ever have to work.  It is still a lot of work and constant cleaning, picking up, washing hands, changing diapers, making and cleaning up meals and snacks... and on top of all that teaching right from wrong, words, letters, numbers... and so on.  I don't think full-time moms get enough credit for what they do.  And then if you actually make it out of jammies then your a rock star.  And i only have 1 baby that keeps me on my toes.  I don't know how many times Gavin has come home and said "what did you do today?" (meaning you were here for 8-9 hours and the house still looks like a disaster) This usually makes me want to cry- or wig out because I have probably spent the last hour bustin a move trying to get the house in order before he gets home or putting on clothes that kind of match and getting rid of the smeared mascara from yesterday that is underneath my eyes, and getting Charlee's face clean and her hair pulled back.... and it doesn't even matter! Epic fail for Mommy! Then I discover a load of clothes in the washer... from yesterday! Awesome. Just wash them again for the 3rd time.  Its just life... Right?  I wish i could do it every stinkin day of my life. 

I'm finished with Charlee's 1st year book I've been working on.  Its sitting in the my cart on shutterfly waiting for me to purchase it.  I'm so excited about this it makes me a little nutty.  I cant wait to hold the 12x12 book and smell the fresh pages, and read it to my girl over and over while i ask her who is this... and who is this....
All the memories, It just makes me conscious of how I cant hold on and I have to just accept that she is going to get bigger, and I will forget some things, oh how sad that makes me... so I try to take so many pictures in an effort to at least have them stashed away to look back on and try to re-live the everyday moments.
So here's to everyday moments:
Man... just catching a break for a minute

Namaste.... Thank you Rodney Yee, I forgot how much I LOVE Yoga.  I've given up on saying I'm going to go to the gym... because honestly, I have no intentions of going to the gym because when I have the chance I would rather stay at home with my hubby who I haven't seen all day and play with Charlee.  I would have to find a sitter, bundle her up, drop her off, work out, pick her up, it doesn't seem logical in the winter to do that to her... (I justified it enough right, you agree?) So, don't write me off yet, I am going to do my videos while she is napping!! I did it twice this week! But seriously, I might be in the worst shape of my life... very depressing, but I'm working it out!
And the mat was out when she got up... so she thought she would try some moves!! Is it sad my 16 month old looks better doing 'standing forward bend' than I do?
Oh baby toes!! 
Charlee is a shower girl but recently she likes the bath with lots of bubbles and still wants the shower on!  And of course her princess' Jasmine, and Whiteee needed cleaned too.
She just stuck her face in the bubbles and looked to see if i saw her... she is getting really brave, I'm kinda shocked she does this.  Gavin taught her this!!
She also likes to kiss herself! I don't know how i snapped the picture perfectly to get her little face reflection but i thought it was hysterical afterward.
She dives into the bubbles onto her belly and then motor-boats them.  Why do i only think of Wedding Crashers? I feel like i need to backspace that away but i have no other descriptive word to replace motor-boat.  Damn you Vince Vaughn.

Just another day at the Groningers!! And I'm so excited because my crafty devil friend Steph has promised to help me make some coasters and magnets!! More to come...

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