Jan 26, 2011

New Purchases

We did NOTHING this week.  I stayed inside and ordered stuff on-line, very productive I know.  Gavin is happy about it as well.  This past weekend we did go shopping after the baby shower for Berkeley (and momma Emily).  Charlee did a lot of eating M&M's at the shower.  She shared with her friends too so I'm proud of my little duckie.  Anyway... we were on the hunt for a potty! Exciting stuff at the Groningers.  She tells me she "pee pee" and its followed by "wet" so the Dr. thinks Charlee might want to me Mr. Potty and see how things go.  Like a first date... she might hate him and be over it after 2 min. We will see.
We went to Greenwood...

Love stick-on earrings!!
She has some serious sleepy-eyes... just got up from her nap.

Dang it Kens... open your eyes.
Haha so Maddie thought she would sneak a pic of me sleeping with my girl.  I wish I could just crawl back into the picture... man the fire gets me every time, it doesn't help my little heater is cashed out too.  Long day of shopping... what can I say? Thanks for not getting the open mouth-breather shot.
We found them..... Thank you Von Maur for having her size! Fancy Nancy must do some dancing... they were just what I wanted.  Simple... Elegant...what I imagined a cute little gymnast should wear. How could I pass on the tutu?
Here is Mr. Potty... She kinda digs him so far.
OH and Charlee wasn't the only one who got presents this week... Daddy was super excited that his Christmas present came after they were back ordered.  He knew where they were this whole week and that they should be coming.  "They are in Alaska"  "They were scanned in Indy" "Did you get the mail yet" "Did my shoes come?"  He even did shopping in anticipation for their arrival. He got socks and a new head band a couple of days before.  If i had any doubt, I'm pretty certain that he is stuck in a 12 year-olds body.  I'm NOT kidding.  They are my favorites so far and there have been plenty over the years.  He loves him some basketball shoes... (I can relate to the loving shoes) And no way will these puppies touch anything other than the gym floor.  I am a little worried that he might think he is 21 again when he puts these magic-makers on and tries to like dunk or something stupid because we have had many injuries and ER visits in the past years and I'm knocking on wood right now... Please don't get hurt.  They are low-tops too... Yikes... so I'm having flashbacks of when I was 38 wks pregnant and he twisted his ankle... I cant even go there. 
Yep this is my husband.... fully dressed with new shoes, new socks, new headband, and the rest of his "gear"... And its only 45 min before Dave is coming to get him.  12 years old I tell you.  Sorry babe, but your a huge dweeb.  I did talk to Dave... and told him to hurry up because I thought he might bust out some suicides in the kitchen.
Good stuff... I'm actually laughing at him while typing. Really? This is what I'm married to...
Off to bed to watch some HOUSE! If i make it, been really tired... think its that seasonal depression getting me. I want one of those lights that I can sit under.

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