Jan 30, 2011

Gettin Crafty

So Charlee had her second gymnastics class this week and she was excited for it... I think.  We would ask her if she wanted to go play at gymnastics and she would say "Yes" so I have no reason to believe she didn't know exactly what I was talking about.  Not sure how fantastic this post will be because I'm not feeling so hot.  Ladies Night didn't treat me so great so I'm trying to think of what went on this past week and I keep thinking about my bed and that I must have drank way more than I though. 

So this picture is great for several reasons: Charlee is like "fine mom, I'll look at you... but your so annoying with that camera" And to her right the little girl is... well I'm not positive, but I think biting, eating, or smelling her toes.  I do recall hearing a dad randomly yell obviously to this child to "get your toes out of your mouth" - You prepare for meltdowns and continuous re-directing and cutting in line... but this is a first for me, and can you imagine what is on her toes at this point? We were done with class so she had her toes all over the mats and floor.. Is that too much, because it was just kinda funny, now its kinda gross.  Still a great picture. 
All dressed for her class. 
 Getting a little Strawberry Shortcake action before we left.

 It was going great.... then we had to try to do the wheel barrel...
She was pissed that Gavin and I were trying to get her to do it.

 Can we start? Can we start? I just want to sprint around the room.

 Clearly her fav

 Improvement: She would step apart and together... last class we kinda skipped this one.

 Freestyle jumping
 There is a mirror in front of her and she loves to watch herself.

 This was new this week and if you cant tell she was so excited she couldn't control herself.  She was laughing and freaking out over the parachute.

 She is good with the stamps now.
 patiently waiting.  Oh and check it out: toes are getting ready to go in the mouth. HaHaHa
 Class was over, but Charlee wasn't ready to leave.  She did sprint around the room like a wild banshee... never seen a banshee... but it sounds like it would be a crazy time.

My crafty friend Stephanie gave me these awesome ideas. 
 Alphabet Magnets:
 Charlee likes her Doda panties.  No, she is no where close to pottying in the potty, but we have to just get her familiar with all that comes with it.  And her little toosh looks so cute.

 Yes Nina put the potty in the middle of the living room.  Just in case.
 And the first of 4 QQR's this year.  My girls Meghan and Bree.  Only picture of the night.  We had a great time on Mass Ave.  Much needed catch-up time.  I was rudely reminded by my body that I am NOT in my early 20's anymore.  I'm having a little trouble thinking about what all I drank... so I'm just going to leave it at that due to the nausea wave coming back over me.  Sick. Love them both.
 Daddy had to get me and Charlee some hangover food: McDonald's is amazing for that.  Thank You daddy.  We both napped... well, Charlee napped I went into a small coma waking up every hour to chug some Gatorade. 
 ITS HERE!!!!!
It smelled so perfect, and even though I created the thing, first time reading it was so awesome... like I didn't know what was coming next.  And just to watch her change over the year... its just nuts. I hope she loves these books.  I love it.  Gavin now appreciates it... shouldn't have told him how much I spent on this.

Bed is calling.... after a quick swing by the medicine cabinet to really make my liver love me even more. 

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