Feb 3, 2011

ICE Storm 2011

Okay this week has been awesome.  Everyone else is probably over it, but I'm loving it.  I didn't work Sunday night and I didn't have to go back to work until Fri/Sat so I have been continuing my craftiness throughout the house.  So I ran to walmart Mon when Gavin got home to stock up on some staples... bad idea, everyone was doing that.  I love Walmart.  I think if you took the happiest person on their best day and told them to go to walmart for everything... they would leave pissed about something.  I'm going to move on because I feel really bad about the things I want to say right now.  They are not nice. Movin on...
By the end of "Chilly Night" it was icing pretty bad so we headed home early.  Gavin did a happy dance around 8:30 after his school was closed.  We opened some wine... had our phones charging in prep for losing power... lots of candles... made dip, pasta salads, guac... SET!! We are ready for this:
 And this: 1 inch of ice
 and this:
 the ice came from the left!! haha
 So what is a momma, pappa, and baby duck to do in an ICE wonderland? Go to Flap Jacks! Its only right down the road and we thought we could make it.  We skated there.... in our car.  Charlee loves to re-arrange the sugar and creamers to her liking.
 She is REALLY hungry...

 So I bought some Chalkboard paint and I'm kinda going nuts with it.  I started small and then ended with a couple walls and a chair painted.  Its addicting.  If you google Chalkboard paint designs... craziness I tell you. Crazy stuff and I just couldn't decide.  Gavin would have flipped if I painted the whole bathroom like I wanted.
So the soap dispenser, and potty chair were my Guinea pigs.
 Charlee couldn't even let me get a picture of her new chalkboard in her play room before she was going to town on it.  She doesn't let me do much without being nosey.  She needs to know what is going on at all times.
Sad part is tea isn't really in the last one, just thought it looked visibly appealing and sweet-n-low just didn't flow right.
 Charlee has been testin us this week.  She is teething AGAIN... poor girl has been doing this since two months.  Enough already.  Point mommy- got her to drink her vit D milk out of a cup (this has been brutal, she just wants the juice box version of milk that is choc or straw and its low fat milk) I put a little choc in it but its Vit D so we are golden... Thank the Lord.
 Charlee (enter stage left): Dance off with Mickey!!
 Charlee your arms are moving so fast they aren't in the picture. Yeah, she wanted to wear her crocks... that are too little. She can do whatever she wants its a snow week at the Groningers.  I think it was an unspoken rule to not get out of jammies all week. 
 Oh yeah we made cookies too!!
 Don't worry the eggs aren't in there yet!
 This is also a new thing... She will lay on the cat.  and when Lilly senses she is about to get cuddly and splits, Charlee starts crying for her... Vicious cycle. But hilarious no doubt.
 We think she is listening to her purr... but as you can see Lilly isn't digging it.
 One of my walls that got painted... I wanted a new calendar. I'm a big fan. This was 3 coats and works lovely.
Gavin ended up getting canceled Tues-Thurs (so far) and I'm bettin they go tomorrow, Ice has been melting like crazy.  You can hear chunks breaking off the roof and sliding down the shingles... very disturbing.  Papaw came over several times (4 I think) to put salt on the driveway and there is no walking to our front door... sorry visitors you must skate to see us!  We went to lunch and a movie yesterday to see Green Hornet (eh, it was eh). One of few dates we have had. Nina watched Charlee.  Then I went to Nina's and had a pedi complements of Mackenzie. Then Madison and I enjoyed sushi... everyone else HATED it, and kept telling us how sick it was.  Close-minded!! Thank Gosh for Madison.  Then today we went to BW3's with Gaston, Jenny, and Gaeton... don't worry I still had Jammie's on.  And Gavin is yelling at me as we speak to wrap it up because the car is started and packed ready for "Buzz's Pizza Night" so before he blows a gasket....

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