Feb 11, 2011

MiMi & Papaw's

This is the "new thing" to do at MiMi and Papaws house.  First we run back and fourth from the garage door into the kitchen saying Ready, Set, Goooooo...
Then the babies discovered they have a huge tub they were determined to get in.  MiMi got some bubbles...
Look how advanced they are with reading...

We turned the jets on.... the bubbles went out of control.

Gaeton styled his hair like Papaw.

I'm betting we have to get in the bath now every time we visit.  We'll see.
Sorry this is short... I have a needy baby today.  I have lots to update and I don't think I'm going to get a chance until I go to work tonight.  We just moved to the living room from our room to have some fries and ketchup (mostly ketchup) but if she wants to eat that then fine.  She has been not feeling so great so we have been laying in bed watching all her fav shows over and over.  She just laid on me... pitiful baby! Gavin text me after I was freaking out about working this weekend and said "Just enjoy her being needy, she is always miss independent" So I am.  I fed her pancakes and yogurt earlier... Gatorade was a hit thankfully.  Alright have to go... she is "All Dee" with ketchup. 

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