Feb 24, 2011

Date Night = Cancelled

So instead of going on a date with my hubby... We (Charlee and myself) crashed Nina and Papaws outing to Greenwood.  We hung out with them all day and all night! Im sure they were tired of us.  Bravo's to go = perfect!
This was outside waiting on our dinner... Charlee spilled all the blueberries about two seconds after the picture was taken.  My cat-like reflexes didnt kick in fast enough to save them.  So we had to find something else to do because dont think my girl wasnt about to eat them from out of the dirt!

 She has been obsessed lately:

 Laughing very hard at the shoe counter!

 CHEESE!! She is crazy-town at this point! This is when we decided that dinner would need to be carry-out! It is what it is.

 Im letting her re-fuel on diet coke! Im aware of what your thinking... and if this is the worst, im good with it.  I could go on and on about things I cant stand when it comes to parenting... and maybe giving diet coke to a 17 mo old is your "thing" - I get it, its just not one of my deal breakers.  moving on... and sorry to dissapoint (not really sorry though)

 New green crocks... She picked them out all by herself... promise.  Gavin said "green? why green?" I dont think he is buying the whole "she picked them out" why would I lie about her picking out crocks... I would have gotten black! I would have only objected to pink... because seriously, its not a favorite of mine and lord knows she has a ton of it anyways.
She is doing her "Shaka Shaka" dance in Old Navy! It scares me a little that she is NOT shy.  she was greeting everyone who walked in Old Navy.  She would wave and say "HIIIIIII" The child is fearless.  I tried the trick where you say "Okay see ya, Mommys leaving, bye bye" and she just turned around and walked the other way to the escalator or the stairs  or the ramp, anything different she needs to stay and play on it.  Oh and I got over the embarassment of public fits.  I used to think it was my parenting that allowed this.  Im sorry, but it doesnt matter what I do... she is throwing a fit. Where is "time out" in the mall anyway? And you cant put her in "time-out" when you get home? Im not a spanker, but really she just crys for a min then she moves on so I can deal with that.  Its just comforting knowing that the second a child/baby cries... everyone in an earshot is checkin the situation out... and judging. I do it too.  I dont think I would be as judging on a mom carrying her child away from the escalator... thats just for her safety! Haha...
 My little buckets has NEVER been a drooler... not in 16 months.  Hello drool, she is all of a sudden bustin it out... those back teeth must be killers.
 This was actually how she wanted to be carried around the mall.... for whatever reason, she decided to stop walking and let Nina and Papaw drag her. 
 Seriously? Who does this? She is dying laughing by the way...
 And dont think that she is opposed to throwing a fit when they rain on her parade. (We already talked about this) Action shot:
 So back to our date night that got cancelled!! Friday we ate at a fan favorite in town and Auntie Meggie came over for some margarittas. 
 This was a gift ironically from Meghan to Gavin congratulating him on his new job last year.
 unopened.... just waiting for a night like tonight!! And im so glad Meghan came to hang out!!
 Can I just say that I love.... this belly.  When else in your life is a buddah belly the cutest thing?

Long story short: Gavin got food poisoning early Sat morning.  It was horrid, Im so sorry to anyone who has ever had food poisoning. Charlee and I stayed at Ninas just in case it wasnt poisoning and was the flu... I guess we will never know exactly what it was, but he thinks it was the food and no one else has gotten sick so.  I am so glad I didnt eat what he did... I dont know if I will be able to eat it after this weekend.  No more ******* for us.  So thanks to ******* my date got cancelled.  Im holding them responsible.  Anyways Gavin had a little Gatorade:
Gavins 4-day weekend was a bust.  He is better now and back to normal (tues).  We all rested and took it easy.  A short power cleaning took place when we came home and he was looking at me like I was being rediculous, but im a nurse so I know how to disinfect... to the Nth degree. Probably overboard, but I couldnt help it. 

And mommas favorite thing in the AM:
Popeye comes to mind when I get coffee... and the funny thing is I find myself gulping it because when I go to take a drink... its cold and needs microwaved... this happens about 4 or 5 times with my coffee. Its such a bummer because I would love to sit and just sip away like im in a commercial, but there is always something needing done so it doesnt happen... this is why I gulp. Its the fastest way to get the caffeine into the system because im just not a morning person.
Just trade the spinach for some coffee (sugar+cream... sugar free french van) Its basically a milkshake... still...
I miss Popeye!!

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