Mar 9, 2011


Its been a while since I have updated the blog, sorry about that... its been kinda busy and I just haven't taken my camera everywhere.  My mom even said "No camera today" - of course then I wished I had it! We cleaned and enjoyed some 50* weather last week, only to be congratulated with some snow flurries... I'm over it! I don't know how else to deal with this but I'm willing to work overtime to get one of those lights that look like a Bili light/tanning bed light for my seasonal depression.  Its becoming a problem and I cant help but wonder what it would be like to actually enjoy January and February.  Those two months are brutal... what a waste, we should move.  Well okay Gavin pointed out that I wouldn't move because when you weigh it out family always makes the scale drop on one side to the degree that anything you try to put on the other side doesn't even elicit a budge.  I tried adding Hawaii to the other side... and then the distance from family just backfired my plan to make one side amazing, somehow it benefited the family side again.  We need to win the lottery... and have a home in Florida for Jan-March.  I would quit work and Charlee wouldn't go to school, she is smart enough! I'm not sure how Gavin would swing living in Florida for Jan and Feb... poor Daddy! 
I keep telling people (dad, grandma kost, friends at work...) that Charlee isn't at a great age for public lunch/dinner dates.  I guess they think I'm making it up.  I will risk it every now and again thinking my Marry Poppins diaper bag will keep her at bay long enough to get through a meal and I just get embarrassed at how quickly she derails all my best efforts like I'm an amateur.  I sometimes just laugh, other times I grab her and bail because EVERYONE is looking at me with those glances that suggest I'm beating her or cant get my parenting in check.  Either one combined with the seasonal depression... epic fail of the week.  Don't worry we will get back on the horse next week.  She did do pretty well at McAlisters with dad last Friday.  She was playing with stickers... she gets them now! The fact that they were sticky would throw her a little, but now she is sticking them everywhere.  She gave a whole sheet to the little boy behind her... she can share!! But yesterday with Amber and Morgan... it was a scene a few times.  I had her "trapped" in the inside of a booth and Color wonder (awesome, just discovered it) kept her busy while I ordered and then randomly when our food came she thought she needed to get out of the booth and would try to climb over me (ketchup hands and all) She might have started in a three-point stance at one point, but I was trying to keep ketchup off everyone.  Amber helped with a plate or two... but she pretty much was "Crazy-town" and I know I cant use this every time she is being a diva, but she was asleep before we got to 40.  Precious Morgan was just sittin in her seat chowin down and being perfectly quiet... no joke... she was perfect.  I'm sure she is like that all the time.  The girls are only 12 days apart but they are night and day and they don't really play together yet but both get excited to see each other.  I'm pretty sure I heard Amber say... "I can see why you wouldn't want to take her out by yourself" - yes, she is nuts!  Honestly, I don't know what else to do I make her stay in the booth, but the fit that comes with it makes me feel helpless, thankfully its very short lived and she gets over it, but she will try again in about 5 min.  What do you do?  Put your hand over her mouth and follow it up with a head-lock? I'm actually okay with it, she is very independent and has a vibrant personality and I wouldn't want it any other way.  I'll take it even if we have to eat at home for a while... Ill take all of it, everyday!!

We had a little play date with Alex on Friday... and we got out the dresses that have been in a drawer since Christmas because they were too big, but we busted them out for the girls to try out.  They were still a little big, but they enjoyed them for 5 min or so.  Charlee kept pulling on the top part (it was itchy I'm sure) so she could care less about it.  It was fun for a few pictures. She was concerned that she couldn't walk as fast as she would like. 

I thought this was hilarious... not sure why, but a little princess walking through the kitchen was funny
Really Girl Scouts? Why must you make such a yummy cookie? I avoided all moms with their daughters cookie sheets at work... I didn't get a little scout knocking at my door... thought I was in the clear...But this weekend my mom while I was in the bathroom (otherwise I would have told her to keep walkin) decided to cave at the entrance to Penny's when the cute little scouts sucked her in.  NO!! I think it was like 2 min before they were opened.  UHH... and with these little darlings you cant just eat a few... its a roll.
My baby is a little dangerous with a ball.  She is good at throwing... she thinks she needs to be less than a foot from you to throw it.  I keep pushing her back and she gets sad like I'm pushing her away... so I let her fire it at nose-breaking range.
She thinks its funny when she hits a wall or body part... She finds it humorous when others get injured (or act like it-we do that a lot- prob too much) I'll keep doing it if she keeps belly laughing at me... trust in that.
I'm going to start sitting like this... at work... waiting in line... talking to people...
Yeah she doesn't need help turning on the light anymore...
And... last night Gavin and I were eating Firehouse subs after her gymnastics class and she was watchin some "Cake" (Strawberry shortcake) before her bath and she started crying all weird, like something was wrong... and Gavin shot up to look at her and his face terrified me into panic like she was losing a limb or about to.  She was standing on that white wicker table with the lamp.  I'm sure she was all inspired by her gymnastics class, but I cant figure out how she did it.  Seriously...
On a side note: I'm super obsessed with Zac Brown Band and would love to see them, but they aren't coming to Indy anytime soon.  This has gotten me and my sisters concert obsessed so we are going to Taylor Swift in July and we are getting the Mega Ticket too I think.  I'm super freakishly excited about this.  I just want it to be warm out... I think my sanity might depend on it.  That is scary for everyone involved.  I'm running out of ideas to keep her busy inside the house.  The only thing she gets crazy happy about is Bubble Guppies.  I'm kinda sad that Mickey has taken a back seat to this new show, but not really... I love you Mic, but a little variety never hurt anyone.  She still carries you around so your not forgotten. AND Bubble Guppies is really cute.  Check it out if you have littles, you will be singing the theme song in no time. Just click this- Bubble Guppies 

Have a great hump day!!

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