Mar 23, 2011

Carmel Apples and Jessie Boots

I have been slacking on the updating.  We have just been hanging out inside hoping and praying for warm weather.  We had a few days we stayed in jammies.  We tried carmel with apples... and Charlee just wanted the carmel.  We have been working on our forward roll and she will now put her hands down and tuck her head waiting for us to flip her over! Cant push herself over yet...
Favorite shows right now are Doda and Boots, Guppies, Mickey, and Cake! She will randomly want to watch her shows in our bed covers and all.  Maybe its when she is tired and needs a 30min "rest."

Loved it... as you can see!
We are now working on our ABC's.  Counting to 10 forward and backward is almost mastered!! Circle, heart, square, star, moon, and sun are mastered.  Movin on... and don't be confused we don't have class time she just started asking me shapes playing with her handy Manny tools! And counting is from Strawberry Shortcake... she has memorized parts of this show and its to the point where she is acting it out in front of the screen.  Her timing is spot on and she knows when her favorite parts are coming up... she will come sprinting from the living room to sneeze at the same time as one of the girls on the show.  Hilarious.  She claps on rhythm with "If your happy and you know it..."  Its really nuts, I just think she is a sponge absorbing anything we give her and sometimes I feel like I should have a classroom full of educational stuff and i should be stimulating her more than I do.  But I don't want to have "Class time" I just want her to learn whatever she wants at her own speed.
Potty training is next... she tells me when she goes so we tried panties again to see if she was ready.  Nope she peed all over Minnie and didn't care! :) Maybe soon.
This picture is for G. Grandpa Walt... I know he loves her passy in pictures so she added a second! Talented
I had a random day of baking... Pineapple upside down cupcakes (need to be eaten out of the oven) and homemade vanilla with vanilla icing colored green for the upcoming holiday.

We took Charlee to Poppy and Mae Mae's house while we went to dinner at Outback and then to the Honda dealership to price some cars! My car is just comical.  Over the years its been a pain in my rear.  Its also served its purpose and has gotten me back and forth from nursing school for 4 years in Lafayette and taken some beatings along the way but the last few years its gotten ridiculous.  Duct tape is holding Charlees window up (she just discovered how to roll her window down with her foot... so it goes down and doesn't go up) my drivers side mirror has been broken off twice- sad part about that is that I did it once when it was frozen and I tried to help the tow-truck driver load it and slipped and grabbed my mirror for balance... the bolts just snapped because it was so cold.  Second time I came out from Target and it was hanging and Gavin put it back only for him to "gently touch it" and it came off again... so I just left it off.  Then a few Christmas' ago I was working and when I came out to the garage my hubcap was missing. Merry Christmas to whoever needed a hubcap... and after that... It was just silly to fix anything.  A few days ago my blower went out and its still freezing out so we had to get that fixed and my turn signal just clicks away randomly and that my friend is so annoying it makes me crazy.  So it was in the shop for a while. Thankfully it was an easy fix but we still were looking, because its time for a new car.  No its past time.  So on the way home we stopped at DQ for a treat... Charlee loved it.

I heard her yelling "stuck" and glanced over to find this:
How did she get up there? Not sure... but she is a climber so i didn't ask her to do it again.
Oh how could I forget:  Jessie Boots are her fav shoes now.  They are a size too big so double layering of socks helps.  But she still looks like she is 80 shuffling around the house because she isn't used to how big they are and they have a tiny heel.  Haha they stay on at all times.  If one falls off... "booooooots" Its kinda great!

You can see the concentration in her face... with tongue out! She is used to running everywhere so this is new for her.
I think she is boy-crazy already.  She got real shy and hardly said a word around Joshie.  March Madness has started so games are always on.  Josh and Scott came to watch a few.  Josh won her over with some cookies. Speaking of the games... this might be the worst bracket I have ever filled out.  Its just a disaster, I was hanging in there at 4th but its over now i must be last.

Again... in her jammies.  They go nicely with Ariel's hair.

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