Mar 24, 2011

Perfect St. Patty's day

Happy St. Patty's Day.  This year St. P rocked out some great weather I think my NEW Honda CRV told me it was 78* when we went to the park!! Yes, we got a new ride and I'm in love! Last week we started "looking" at cars and it was between the Rav-4 or the CRV.  We went back and forth and Tues 3-15 we were "dropping the Rav-4 back off and not making any decisions" and ended up getting the CRV... I know, craziness happened all in 2 hrs.  It was raining, I didn't get to say goodbye to my junker (Gav wouldn't even take a picture of her when we drove off) I'm a new woman rockin out the CRV.  I had to get new sunglasses for us hotties now that we are in a "cool" ride.  We look good in it - me and my little partner! I need to stop finding reasons to drive somewhere and jam with the windows (and sunroof..heehee) down!!  Charlee just chills in the back with her shades on!! OK-sorry back to St. Patty...
We went to the park and met Amber and Morgie there! The girls played and had a blast.  Jenny and Gaeton were there too.  Em still was prego and trying her best to walk herself into labor... didn't work until Sun!! Family is doing wonderful, Berkeley has lots of dark hair like Charlee did.  Congrats to the little family.  We did go visit and just when I thought Charlee would let me hold and cuddle... she wasn't having it! And she was really concerned that she dozed off and let her passy fall out of her mouth.  This was making Charlee crazy she just wanted to give it back to her "oh-no papskee" So I got to hold her for about 1 min.  Baby's are so precious! So tiny, I can barely remember Charlee being that little.  Man- I'm just scattered tonight... again, back to the park... 

Charlee didn't miss a beat in the last 6 months that she had been away.  She ran right up the steps and down the slide this time she was a little more stable and didn't want or need my help at all.  She is a big girl and mastered the "toddler playground" it made me a little sad that she was up and down and only came to me when she needed a drink to re-hydrate.  We were there for 3 hours and she was so excited she couldn't eat any snacks... too busy wearing her little self out.  The weather made everyone feel awesome.  I think I came out of my "seasonal depression" after I got a taste of what is soon to be the norm.  There is something about the warm sun and fresh air that makes everyone feel rejuvenated!! I loved it. 
she went down on her belly several times before she thought she could go forward... not sure why! I love this picture:

How cute is this:

Gaeton showed up and was a pro at the playground too!!

She doesn't know what to do with herself she is so happy!

She couldn't make it another 15 min to wait on Gabbie and Alex to join us... she was so tired she was wanting me to hold her and couldn't help laying her head down for a sec or two! We got in the car and she was asleep before we got home (about 3 miles).
We drove past Brandy's and I could have called it... she was sitting out in the driveway trying to get burnt!! But best part... you could see a baby bump! Scrubs hide that so I caught her actually looking prego! Yay and she thought a stranger was pulling into the drive because she always gets the pleasure of the junker taking her to work! She loved the new car too!!
We spent the night watching tournament games and eating pizza while little ones played and made a huge mess but it was okay because it was nice out so nothing could bring me down.  Nothing... not even that my bracket went to crap!
Side note: Just so I can remember this event happened - Erins bachelorette party was last Saturday! Fun times! I'm pretty sure I'll be revisiting Talbot Street! Wow is all i can say!

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