Apr 16, 2011

Thank You Spring!!!!

I didn't think it was possible.... for the sun to ever come out again.  But how sweet is this picture? Just looking at it makes me feel all warm and energetic.  We were playing outside on this lovely day and several planes went by, Charlee calls them "Plates" and I keep telling her that plates take you to the beach so in June when we get on a plate she can ask if its taking us to the beach... and i will say "Yes little momma, it is"

So excited it was warm we didn't bother to change our clothes... just went out in Jammie's! Looks like she broke her ankle in this pic but she didn't.

Mommas new fav pic!
Surprisingly... she doesn't mind me being inches from her face taking pictures.  She does every now and again want to see herself in the picture and then give herself a kiss.  That must mean she approves of the photo. 

Charlee is getting pretty good with her shapes... she told me to draw a diiiiamond and I was a little confused where she learned that one and after asking Daddy and he said no I just have to give credit to Doda, or Mickey... who knows.  I'm also shocked Daddy didn't just take credit :)
Aww man our yard is so sad.  And they are Capri's...

We can say all our colors... we just know ye-yow and blueee so far.  And she always gets black right... weird.
We went on our first "long walk" of the year and trust that i loaded her up with goodies and drinks and toys for the trip.  We had to just keep walking, I was bookin to try to get the route in while she was busy with watermelon and blueberries.  The pond was nice because she was distracted with the ducks and random guys fishing that she didn't remember she was in her stroller.  It was about 5 min after this pic that she was over it.  She wanted out and so she stood up and faced me pushing her and that was dangerous... but fun for her for a min or two.  Then she was wanting out and I knew my "walk" was over and now it was the opposite of productive.  I was walking backward it felt like.  She wanted to swing on every ones play set and tried to crawl under the fences to get to the slides. 

She is debating it...

Then she thought I needed help pushing the stroller... this was very helpful.
I wasn't waiting for her so we started to pout.... I love this picture!  Too bad she is a faker... and started running and laughing after this.
Time for bed "2Mickeys" and Minnie
This picture is courtesy of Daddy!

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