Apr 26, 2011

Hippity Hoppity... Easters on its way

 It was a busy work week last week because I wanted the weekend off for Easter and I usually work most weekends and almost every Friday... so sitters and sleeping and preparing for the weekend was quite a lot for us.  Friday we went to Poppy's for Pizza so we could see my sister and nephews for the holiday.  Of course I forgot my camera so there are no pictures of Charlee chasing Tucker "Taco" and Jackson "Jacks" getting them mixed up.  (identical twins... pretty sure Gavin struggles sometimes)  wishing I had a pic to insert... We drank some wine and laughed about Dad thinking I didn't invite him to Gavin's 30th birthday party when I did, and he responded that he was coming +1 to my E-vite! When I called to ask if everything was okay since he was a no-show to the party... He tried to blame Mary for responding and not remembering even though that would require Mary to hack his e-mail account. He also thought that when we talked about it the week before that "it was just for young-folk" - hmm... That's his story and he is sticking to it.  Pretty funny stuff.

Then Sat I "started" running again... that was awesome! Now if only it would quit raining for 1 day... seriously its ridiculous how rainy its been for weeks now.  I love the rain, but not everyday for weeks.  Then after I ran we went to Ninas to help her cook/bake for Easter and Sat night we colored eggs!

Little helper icing cookies... well eating them.
Orange icing... for the carrot shaped cookies
So Cute: Nina loved the ducks.

Little bunny was ready to color some eggs...
Charlee thought that it was optional to use a spoon to check on her eggs, her entire hand worked much better.  The spoon wouldn't get the eggs out fast enough and lord knows she didn't have the patience for that.  I'm pretty sure a foot was the average height she would drop the eggs into the color that would then splash out.  Then she would pull out a blue egg and then place it in with the pink... so we had several tie-died eggs that were more than likely cracked.  We even had a brown egg... "Ewww" I just let her do what she wanted and she loved it so I tried not to control it too much.  At some point during our egg-coloring- high Gavin asked me if that color was going to come off her hands.  And then all at once I had flashes flooding my brain of her in her Easter dress with green stained hands and then her pictures with Kimberly were on Monday so I panicked and grabbed her and tried to wash away what I knew was already stained.  It didn't work... so I just let her finish in peace... and I was feeling like a great mom.  Thankfully after all 50some eggs were colored she soaked in Nina's tub and it was a Easter miracle that her hands were free of green.  That was a close one, I almost failed Easter and it would have been in pictures forever.
Double fisting the eggs.... I don't think she said a word during the whole egg-coloring experience. Focused was she.

This is the "EWWW" at the brown egg.

You add the sprinkles to the color.... pretty awesome.  I wouldn't have ever known that, I don't read the directions.... thanks Manny

She was a little confused that it wouldn't come off.
Cookies and cakes... lovely.  I've had enough of decorating with icing.

Daddy Charlee and Mommy went to Church with MiMi, Gaston, Jenny, and GiGa (Gaeton).  Jenny and I had our diaper bags loaded with distractions... and it worked, the babies made it through their first Church service.  I have no idea what the service was about... I was too concerned with Charlee yelling "No Giga" and that one of the princess' was going to take a plummet over the balcony onto someone down below.  It was a success...
Then we went back to Nina's for Easter Dinner (lunch)
And Charlee got to find the eggs she colored...

Kisses for Mommy....

Heavenly food....
Thank you everyone who gave Charlee an Easter basket! She loves all her toys... and Grantie Karol you are her new favorite with the M&M dispenser.... she gets excited each time she turns the knob and has "nummies" come flying out. 
Proof that we were there...
We also went to LaLa's for Easter Dinner but Charlee fell asleep on the way and Momma had to work that night so we both napped at LaLa's house.  It was a very busy Easter... but fabulous getting to spend the time with family!!
Happy Birthday Jesus..... just kidding! Gavin thinks I don't know what Easter is because when he asked me if I knew I JOKINGLY said it was the day Jesus was born (I acted serious).  He about had a stroke and doesn't believe me that I was kidding... He only asks me that every year so after 7 years of him asking... why not?
We have holiday quizzes at our house...

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