Apr 28, 2011

A Few Minutes of Sunshine

Charlee LOVES being outside and will throw an all out fit when we have to come in.  But the other day it actually was nice out so we played.  Daddy played too.

Sidewalk Chalk is perfect in every way.  She asks me to draw circles for her to jump in down the driveway.  She is still in bunny-mode.

We walked to CVS and got a bubble machine because she wont ever get tired of me or daddy blowing bubbles.  Stupid thing didn't work... JUNK.  So I took it back I was that mad.  Soon we will get a good one and she will flip a lid i know.
In the mean time she will ride her bike...
Well we will push her in her bike...

We "play with Morgie" on Wed while it was again... raining! Later Charlee shoves Morgie away from the car.  We had our first fight over a cookie too... don't mess with Morgie and her food.  Usually Morgie just goes with it, but Charlee crossed the line with the cookie snatching.
Picnic time... Charlee picked out all the goldfish from the goldfish/pretzel combo (new fav snack by the way) and Morgie just wanted to stand up on the bench.
No nap day.... she was falling asleep watching "guppies" and barely made it through dinner.  I had to turn on music, keep talking to her, get her out to change her into jammies and with all that she made it to 8:30. Crazy girl was so slap happy she had her mommy and daddy crying we were laughing so hard at her.  She insisted on "tinkle star" "barney shong" repeatedly while I rocked her.  She knows most of the words now and will say "No mommy" when she wants to sing all by herself...
Today was finally sunny so we went to the park... she was dying to slide!
She mastered the steps and isn't crawling up anymore... my big girl.

There was a bug on the slide and I said "Shew Shew bug" She was cracking up... so we said it 100 more times because it was laughable every single time.

Just a little windy...

Hopefully I'll be getting my IPhone soon and I can put some videos up here... her daddy has all the good stuff on his phone *hint hint ... my birthday is Sunday :)

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