May 23, 2011


This was my Mothers Day spa with Charlee!!

Now that the weather is finally nice we get to go on walks and play at the park.  Hummel is our fav, but we are venturing out to others.  She has just gotten comfortable with Hummels little area for the littles so I'm nervous to try out a new one when this one is Perfect!! She has mastered everything so I can "relax" when we are there, and its not mulch... its the awesome rubber so she doesn't get too dirty.  She still smells like a puppy when we get home... but that just means it was a success.
Keekah joined us today.  Madison (Manny) spelled Keekah that way... and since she is the family brains we are going to spell it that way :).  She may have not gone to school that day... I cant keep em straight. (Senioritis...??) And she also informed me that when I text and use "...." it means sarcasm.  So just to clear any miss-text-communications when I use "..." its not sarcasm (usually). I have noticed i love to use .... .... so ...

Notice Boots is her clutch right now.  She wont put him down.  If she needs to use her other hand then she will find something else to do instead of put Boots down... unless its for "Nummies" (M&M's).
This is the "New" park.  Its on the back side of Hummel and bummer is: it has mulch, its kinda dangerous, and its wood so this was the first time... and possibly the last for a while. That white tank top makes her look a little WT! Then add some dirt and water... fo sho WT. I made a mental note not to wear white tanks to the park.

Dora is exploring the new place... I had a hard time keeping up and making sure she was careful.

I tried to talk her out of going down this one... the end was a drop off that was at least 2 ft. YIKES.  There was a little boy there that was going down so she was determined to show him she was big too.

Keekah joined us (after school) haha, for a walk and we walked to Great Grandpa/Grandma Kost house that was on the path to visit with them.  She played with some new crayons, tried to break a few Dickens Village houses and then we were off to burn some calories.  I filled the front of her stroller snack section with water and she splashed for a mile or so which got her cooled off, and then she crashed for the last mile and a half back to the car. 
Charlee is going to have more of a "green thumb" than I do.  We started small with little $1 plans at target that she planted after we got back from another walk... I'm so happy that she lets me walk with her, I didn't think it was possible.  I do load up the stroller with snacks and drinks so she is busy.  We did walk to Dairy Queen one day and she got a Sunday with sprinkles because she was being super sweet.
Anyways I talked her into some cilantro, chives, parsley, and basil... she got the purple forget me nots and sunflowers!

More to follow with the mini garden (since mommy didn't get one this year... smh)
1st pool was a hit.  She loved it, she didn't care that it was 1* away from freezing. Haha

I may have gone overboard with the toys because really we will be at Ninas Pool, LaLa's Pool, and Aunt Jenny's Pool.  They weren't open yet so...

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