May 27, 2011

Childrens Museum

Warning: This is a long picture post from our 1st trip to the Children's Museum. Mackenzie knew I was going and I'm pretty sure she planned a "skip-day" on that Tuesday!! I told her I was picking her up at 10:00 and to my surprise Maddy was coming too!! Yay! It was raining out so it was the perfect day.  Amber and Morgan were already there playing so we met them in the playscape!!

This Glass is awesome.

This is the view from the lower level and you can see underneath the whole thing....
Back to the playscape: Charlee started out planting some flowers.  Kinda hording the flowers actually.
"Morgie" and Amber were planting some too.

This was during the Musical entertainment.  She didn't know what to do.  She knew the songs but the two people were really crazy and I think she wasn't sure what to think.  That's sayin something considering we are pretty crazy.

This was what i was looking forward to and remember about going to the Children's Museum... the water area where you can fake-fish and play with the ducks.  I was looking forward to putting the poncho on her and helping her "catch" a fish.  It was every bit as awesome as I remember.  She didn't even get that wet. 

She caught her first fish!!!

The girls really liked the water.

The duckies are kissing.
We moved on to the sand!! I was interested to see what she thought... and she wasn't sure about it for a while.  I can only imagine when she is a sweaty mess and covered in sunscreen here in a month when we are at the real beach (SOOO EXCITED) I hope she loves it.
AND my big girl shared that pink cup with another little girl that really wanted it.  I asked her once if she could share it and she handed it over.  It might have been because of the performance the other little girl was giving... either way, we shared. 
Speaking of performances: I wanted to call CPS on a fellow Museum-goer.  I don't know how else to put it but she was a freak.  When we were at the sand station her little girl was throwing a fit... no problem, kids do that (I have one that does) but this mom was shaking her and knocking strollers over trying to get her out of the playscape to do god-knows-what to her.  She came back later to "look for her shoes" while the girl still screamed... and to top it off carried out her son that was a crawler who was unattended in the crawler-area this whole time.  Me and Amber were appalled!! My sisters were even watching the madness.  We saw her later too when a security guard was asking the little girl if she was okay (she was alone) and she said "she didn't want to go with her mommy" .... how sad is that? We should have called! I've been frustrated about that for days now.  Anyways...

Charlee got a new job as Barbies receptionist!!

She got a little freaked out at the BIG "Doodah" and BIG Boots.  She still gave hugs.

She loved this outfit!

Morgie was trying to get some action... Charlee had a moment ... sorry Morgie.

We tried to sneak a picture of Maddy... she was really into the space ship too!

We flew on a plane... to Egypt!  She was a little nervous on the "plane" it acted like it was taking off and landing.  Once again, trying to gage how she is going to react when she gets to go on a plane this June!!

The carousel.  Maddy had her on the horse with her... and the "Man" in charge of the ride said she couldn't sit with Charlee on the horse so when Maddy tried to stand next to her ... it wasn't happening! They had to find a seat on the bench!! And she had to take her juice.
This only took 234 times to get it perfect!! She ran back and forth and finally my camera adjusted to the light at the right time to get the picture i wanted... and its not that cool.  Still...
She put the pineapple in her mouth after I told her it was "yukie" ... that's probably why she was sick this week! Gross me out!!

She wasn't digging the goggles... (pun intended)

This little friend didn't want to share the dino eggs... her daddy made her give Charlee an egg.
The choo choo was the unexpected excitement of the day and I didn't even know it was down on the lower level... we just stumbled upon it, she loved it!
Blowin the whistle!! 
She is wearing her Jewelry from Egypt if you were confused. 

Fun day!! She was asleep after she inhaled her uncrustable in the car on the way to Greenwood.  Me and the girls wanted Bravo!  YUM

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