Jun 15, 2011

Wow... JUNE

Charlee's Garden update:
We had to transplant them into a bigger pot because they weren't growing... I'm sure that has everything to do with the small pots, and noting to do with my not-so-green thumb.  She doesn't know that here momma has a knack for killing plants.  I can kill a cactus... that's hard to do.  Just leave it outside in the winter... voila.. dead!

So studious!! She is obsessed with glasses. Loves to wear them and get dizzy trying to look through them to walk.  I probably shouldn't let her do that...
Daddy is already starting in on the basketball!!
Man ... the suit is a 2T and I'm looking at it like its too tight!! Geez

LaLa getting in the pool (or Cool) like Charlee says!! My girl is a little fishy!! She has been so good in the water this year.  The 1st day we were at LaLa's we tried the swimmies on and she took off... Daddy helped her get the hang of it and kept her on her belly and after the first day she was good to go on her own.  It was a sadhappyproud feeling.  She is getting too big too fast and I feel like I'm not savoring every last drop.  I'm trying to take pictures and still write cute things she says down in her baby book.  I try to video her saying sweet and funny things so we can always remember these precious precious moments.  And her with her LaLa is one of them.  We love LaLa!!
We had a busy weekend: first we had Kenzie's Graduation at the convention center downtown and that was going on at the same time Daddy was in Cory's Wedding.  MiMi came and picked us up to take us to the Zoo to get there in time for the reception! Charlee was pretty good at the graduation considering it was a no-nap day and on short ride to the Zoo she didn't sit in her car seat because by the time I talked her into it we would have been there... yeah, I let that one go! I know... bad mom.  At the wedding she danced with her daddy and played with Ella before Nina and Pappaw came to pick her up.  We got a behind-the-scenes peek at the seals on our way out.  She is a seal fan.
Gettin restless at the graduation.  Last name Crowe... so we didn't have to sit forever!
When they first walked out I tried to get pictures but I couldn't see anything because we were sitting on the floor, I'm 5 ft 2in, and I got crazy emotional at the graduates entering the room I didn't know what to do.... so I took pictures of Charlee cheering like crazy for her Keekah.

There she is... This is the best of 20 or so pictures I was frantically snapping.  Way to go Kenzie!!
Off to the Zoo for our second event of the evening.  She was a trooper all day... love her!!
Charlee and Mommy!!

Charlee and Daddy dancing.
Family portrait... this never happens!

About to fall asleep at the table.  We changed her into jammies waiting for Nina and Pappaw to pick her up.
Later: "A little bit softer now"
"A little bit softer now"
"A little bit softer now"...
Everyone had a great time at the Long/Ruckman Wedding.  We even got cut off by the staff at the bar.  And when I say we I mean me, Emily, and the Groom... You would think he would have some pull being the GROOM and all... but no.. they were sticklers (that was a bummer) Probably for the best... I had a massive wine headache the next day anyways!
Highlights from the wedding: Photo Booth, Brett at the rehearsal "We love her", thought Josh was Gavin, Breakin it down outside of Kilroy's to the Glee crowd, Lady wearing the spandex, ... and Bret's suspender buttons! Good times.
This makes me a little sad because we only have a few people left to find love in our guy-circle of friends so we must make the most of each wedding.  I loved getting together with everyone for the rehearsal even if it was an effort to find a sitter till 11:00 (Thank you Poppy and MaeMae).  A reason to get dressed up, have some drinks, laugh at each other, talk about your babes! We hadn't seen each other in a while, but it left me looking forward to the next birthday/Holiday party/cookout/corn hole tournament/baby shower... whatever it may be to bring us back to good friends and good conversations.
Remember your wedding day....

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