Jun 15, 2011

Charlee's 18 Month Pictures

Kimberly Reid does amazing photos.  We are huge fans and have used her for my maternity pictures, Charlee's newborn, 3,6,9,12, and 18month pictures, our reception, and a family portrait!! We pretty much love her work.  These are Charlees 18 month pictures taken at Grandpa and Grandma Crowes farm.
I had really great ideas for this session.  Charlee wasn't having any part of it.  All the other sessions we have had Charlee just goes with the flow and plays and is just fine posing on her own... we have even had a few where she is cheesing it up laughing at Mackenzie and Madison while Kimberly clicks away.  This session she just decided she didn't want to smile and she didn't want me to walk away from her.  I wanted her to have an umbrella, rain boots, stand in tall grass... she was scared of the umbrella, hated the grass and didn't want to put on the boots until she saw the water.  It was not what I was envisioning... but as usual Kimberly pulled through and got us some good pictures.  I would have thought there wasn't a single picture that she wasn't crying and reaching for me in.
You can contact Kimberly HERE to get yourself some awesome photos.

All Pictures are taken by Kimberly Reid:
This was her Easter Dress.

One of my favs:
Man I just want to eat her up!!
Hello little Gavin:
The Boots: so cute!

Thank you Kimberly!!

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