Jun 18, 2011

The Graduate

My little sister graduated!! She is on to bigger and brighter things after high school.  She is pretty confident and excited about being a hair stylist...(score for me and the fam) :) But may discover something else fantastic along the way.  Aveda watch out... here she comes!

Cake was awesome... Gavins mom, Laura will agree!! She didn't save me any icing flowers like promised...
It was made by Cakes by Jen. Don't have her website but her phone number is: 317-289-5209

The Harper/Charlee show: or Charlee Harper!
Harper was so pleased with her hug she didn't want to let go... seriously it was like a minute total. Charlee was a little confused. haha... picture-worthy.
Daddy with our little fish.  Her mouth needs to be open so she can concentrate... and drink some water that we tell her constantly to spit out!!

Daddy's with babies is always so sweet...

These girls loved cake.
Pretty sure they couldn't get enough.
*yes those are stairs behind them... we noticed, and they were closely watched... and still manged to get matching boo-boos. Charlee's head (Always) and Harpers leg.
The best Hostess in the world: Mom, we are kidding... you put together a knock-out graduation party! it was very classy and most importantly pleased your little grad. We love you for all your hard work to pull all the dishes, napkins, and decorations together. Well done!
After bath babies smell so good. 

It was a family/friend gathering that lasted well into the night... we were swimming and then forced inside with the storms (Cousin Zack's house was hit... thankfully he is fine).
We brought out the second and third round of food for people to soak up some of the beer with.  I was forced into taking shots with the famous Miss Blanka because I love her so... and will miss her when she leaves for Croatia for A month. 
This was the third day we had to get all gussied up so we ended with a bang and slept all day the next day...not really, but It was a good thought.
Congrats Graduates.

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