Jun 23, 2011

Charlee's Goin on a Plane

Charlee is sleeping... Gavin is getting his fill of video games... and I still have 565168 things left to finish on my lists of things to do before we leave, but it doesn't matter because tomorrow we will be leaving to take my baby on her first vacation ever.  Tomorrow we will be getting on a plane or "plate" per Charlee and going to Florida.  She knows we are going to get on that plate and go to the beach....  We are visiting Grandpa Walt and Grandma Pam tomorrow night and then its off to Madeira Beach to stay in one of our dear sweet friends condo for a week.  This was a gift we got for our wedding.  We are super excited about it.  Gavin is reaching a "red ring of death" level with his anxiety... and if I have to discuss plane to car outcomes in a crash one more time... I might stop being understanding.  He is way worse than Charlee ever dreamed of being.  I'm not sure why I was worried about her? She will be cake compared to the 6'4" baby I'm married to.  All the flights he was on in college... and we still have to go through this every time...seriously?
 Anyways... I bought a new camera card for the trip and I plan to fill the sucker up so when we get back I can blog like crazy about all the amazing stuff we did and how much she loved it... I hope!

Ill leave you with this funny picture...

Gaeton and Charlee at BW3's practicing for the Olympics.

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