Jul 8, 2011

We made it to Tampa

At the Indianapolis Airport!!
We all had our traveling clothes on, carry-ons shoved under the stroller, I had checked in on-line and payed for our bags... the only thing left was to see how she would do on the flight.  I had a whole carry-on devoted to Charlee with toys she had never seen before, brand new crayons, her princess', drinks, "nummies", paci, diapers.... ect.... ect...
We got on the plane last... after the final diaper change.  She sat with Gavin next to the window.  Im not sure she understood what was going on.  All she cared about was that I was letting her have gum.  And she loved it,  it took about 4 pieces until we were in the air.  I got too excited and let her start a little early... I kept thinking we were on the runway.. then we would turn again... so another piece.  I was working myself up over her ears.  I didn't want them to hurt her so she had gum, drink, paci shoved in her face for the first 10 min. of the flight.  She settled down and thankfully the seat next to me was empty and she got to sit in her own seat between mommy and daddy and play with her toys.  She did really good.  My baby is a fly-er! Oh yeah... she decided to fill her pants and when I got up to change her... the captain said we were making our decent and to remain seated with seat belts on... AWESOME timing Charlee.  I was fine, Gavin had to hold her so he kept gagging. 

We watched several episodes of Bubbly Guppies "Gup Gup and Away" to get her familiar to the airport/airplane... it must have worked because she was pretty comfortable.
These were the best purchases ever... T.J. Maxx too... double score for me!! She played with them the whole way there and the whole time at the condo.  It was a book that came with little figures... I got her the Mickey set and the Toy Story set.  Charlee loved them, she names them off now and we only lost 2 the whole trip. Poor Minney and Woody.  Two of her favorites of course.
My other child set playing with his toys on the plane.

This is with the smelly diaper!! Charlee stinky girl.

Once we got to Tampa International we boogied on over to Enterprise where Gaston hooked us up with a sweet mini-van!! Thanks uncle Gaston.  After we instantly started sweating... Gavin loaded the van and I put her car seat in and afterwards we both were sweating from the Florida heat!!

We were on our way to Bradenton to see Grandpa Walt and Grandma Pam. 
They had gifts for Miss Charlee... bubbles (perfect) and sand toys (perfect)... couldn't have gotten better gifts... Oh and she had a big bag of M&M's!!!! Pam reads the blog so she knows what Charlee likes... and had it waiting for her!!

Her sand rake doubled as a back scratcher...

Hugs for grandpa Walt

Hugs for grandma Pam...

We got in late so we went to bed and woke up to the best cheesy eggs and fried potatoes ever!!  And bacon, bananas, and toast!!
After breakfast we loaded up the mini and said goodbye for now... we will be back later in the week!

Back to the airport to pick up the rest of our crew!!
This picture of the bridge does not do it justice!  This thing is high high high!! A tad bit scary.
This is my personal driver:
Gavin def made fun of me for this one:

To Be Continued...

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