Jul 13, 2011

Toes in the sand continued

Nina and Papaw
Sweet Sugar Bear
hugs for Nina
Melts my heart... Shes such a cutie and I want to just hug and kiss her so so so so much... to where she gets annoyed!


Papaw was obsessed with digging in the sand... he loved it.  We did dig out a big hole and found several shells and then Charlee wanted to get in the water hole and splash everyone!! When we would find a shell... we would show her and she would take it and throw it!!
This is the last of the pictures from our first day.  Don't worry, I don't have this many pictures for every day... well, I don't think... but maybe I do! We went to the store while Charlee napped, and then Nina and I made dips and pasta salads and cut up fruit while having cocktails and Greg, Gav, Kenz, and Mad went to dinner at Hooters!! Gavin loved their snow crab legs... we ended up eating there like 4 times!! It was really good!!
I know everyone was exhausted this day from traveling so we all were snoozing pretty early!!
Not without walking to the "Candy Kitchen" first... best ice cream eva!!

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