Jul 26, 2011

Day Three... Best Beach Day!

Charlee June 2011.  This was the best day at the beach. We were there all day and it was gorgeous.  There was a storm that was 5 miles inland that we could see hovering the whole day but never drifted to us.  It was hot and we probably wouldn't have cared about a little shower.  Well Gavin had the evacuation route all scoped out and who was to grab what.  He kinda obsessed about it for a good 15 min.  I think he was just worried about his Ipod and Iphone.  I just cared about my camera! He was getting annoyed we weren't taking him seriously. HA

This is just a sticky mess.  We put the lotion on in the room before we went out in hopes it would soak in and not be such a sand magnet... it didn't matter there was sand everywhere on everyone.  My anxiety about her comfort level was relieved with a few swigs of my a-little-too-strong cocktail in our mugs we bought at Johns Pass that promised all day long enjoyment of a cold drink...
The ocean was pretty warm.  Slightly too warm because it didn't do its job of cooling you off when your skin is about to ignite from the sun.  Still amazing none the less.
Nina and Charlee shell searching.

Aww Manny must have been on a beer run since she is triple-fisting it.  Lazy boys... spent the whole day out there peeing on themselves probably... haha.

There is the storm that never was.  And thanks to the Gentry's for the perfect beach tent... that is still in the back of our car waiting to be dropped off... sorry R&M.
Sand Castle time.  We had huge plans for this... and then it was really harder than what it seems... seriously... so this is what we all could muster up in 90*.  What is a castle without a moat? well ours kept soaking up the water the second we added it.  Poor Papaw still made like 27 trips bucket in hand to fill er up... and it never worked. Charlee loved it and that's all that counts.

Manny I'm still upset we never had our beach hat picture.... man I REALLY WANTED IT.

One of my fav pictures.  How fun would it be to just be "nakee" on the beach?
We went to Gators.  Sad story... the food was not what we thought... so we went back to hooters when no one liked their meal.  That was a first time eating at two places for dinner for me and Gavin.

Calm little photo...
Its just funny..... this is our life!!!

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