Jul 11, 2011

Toes in the Sand for the 1st Time!!

Madeira Beach June 2011
We waisted no time changing and heading to the beach.  This was my girls first time at the beach and I didn't know if she was going to love it or hate it... it could go either way because she loves the water but hates her hands being messy... so it could go either way?
On the way to the sand... its about 20 ft from here.  I'm snapping pictures like its my job.

She keeps walking, but silent as she walks staring at the white sand.  This is a little different from the sand at the Children's Museum.

Funny story: K and M were walking her out into the ocean and they were too busy talking that they let a wave crash into her face.  I was furious for about 30 seconds and Charlee got over it pretty fast.  Nice work ladies!

Oh... and I'm mom of the year because her water shoes mixed with sand causes a blister on my babys feet on the arch and for the rest of the vacation I was so worried about her shoes.  We had to put "bubbles" (foam neosporin) on it a few times!

Manny and Charlee digging in the sand.  We started a shell collection that I have big plans for...

Momma "Nina" and Momma

I own "Mom suits" - they are pretty cool.  Not really... but trust me... you want me wearing this!!
Okay this almost wraps up our first day... I still have a few more to add!  We had a blast and I was glowing and soaking up every second of being with my family.  I'm so pleased that my girl liked the sand and the ocean!! I was trying to remember a story or something funny that she did but besides chasing the birds for about an hour (sorry Nina) she was pretty silent soaking it all in.  I think she was overwhelmed and didn't have much to say... which is NOT the Charlee I know!! It was different but you could tell she was really playing hard with everyone.  She was a trooper too because I got splashed in the face and the salt water stings... she never complained! She loved us holding her out in the ocean and especially when we had to jump over the waves.  By the way... I love that I get to snuggle with her all week in bed!! She sometimes naps with me but other than that she sleeps in her bed like a big girl.  Momma is loving the snuggle time... but her and her daddy are very sweaty sleepers... and we don't have our king size bed so it was hot!!

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