Jul 26, 2011

Day Two

Of course we got too much at the store.  The lady scanning all our junk even was in shock for the amount of food we thought we needed for a week.  We didn't care, we were on vacation baby!! We made everything the first night so it was all done for the week.  Pasta salads... dip... washed/cut fruit... cut limes for yummy cocktails.  It was perfect.  Just like I had envisioned for months, and now its all falling beautifully into place.  Cue the ocean breeze and warm sun on your face with the background wave crashing....

We went to Johns Pass to check out all the shops and start checking off things on our "To Do" list from friends and relatives who have walked the boardwalk before.  We had Shipwrecks... wine ice cream and wine slushy mixed into a heavenly beverage.  Pina Colada wine ice cream with the strawberry wine ice on top = heaven. 
Tired girl fell asleep in the stroller... we positioned her in front of the fans when available.  It looked pretty sweet and usually I'm worried she is sweating like a banshee...
Off to Hooters because everyone was craving it again from the night before.  Their crab legs were to die for according to Gavin... so we went back because the view was pretty awesome too. (They were to die for BTW)

Biggest wing!!
Happy girl up from her cat nap.

She gets a little jealous if people try to love on each other without her being involved.  This is always fun for her.

All the ladies!!

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