Apr 19, 2011

Imagination Movers & Choo-Choo Soul

Daddy got a surprise for Charlee.  Her 1st concert!! She went to see Imagination Movers and Choo-Choo Soul was there too!! She loves Choo- Choo so I knew that was going to be a success... wasn't real sure she watched an episode of Imagination Movers ever, but warehouse mouse is a favorite little snip it of a show in between other shows on Disney Junior that she freaks out over (loves mouse).  We did put an episode on while we were getting ready that day and she wasn't interested... perfect. 
This wasn't her original outfit... she had a cute top and jeans but she thought at the last minute eyeliner went well on her shirt??? After the quick wardrobe change... we were off to meet Uncle Gaston, Aunt Jenny, and Gaeton "Giga" for the best concert eva!
She was just hanging out in her seat until the lights went out... she grabbed my arm for a second and I was secretly hoping she was a little scared so I could get some cuddle time if she "needed" me to hold her... Then the train whistle was blowin "Choo-Choo" and then she pretty much wigged out shaking with excitement and yelled "Choo-Choo" at me.  Like she was asking me if Choo-Choo was really here?? It was pure excitement and she just couldn't believe her eyes that Genevieve and DJ DC were real.  So... NO she didn't need me to hold her AT ALL! Actually I tried to hold her up so she could see better sometimes and she would just straighten her body and want down... to bust a move with Giga.

Little babies waiting like big girls and boys.
Not sure whats about to go down...
Lights were going down... they were a little unsure about it.

Bustin their best DJ DC moves.
She got sleepy at the end of the concert.  It started at 7 and she us usually winding it down about then.  I'm sure she used up all her reserves freaking out over Choo-Choo....
Haha she was plugging her ears at the end saying "Loud"... After warehouse mouse came out she kept asking for the mouse the rest of the show.. "I uhno mouse" Poor baby she just wanted that little mouse to come out the whole show.  Daddy did go get her the mouse, and she loved it!

Oh yeah....  Daddys camera skills were pretty good, but he didn't get it when Rich gave Charlee a high-five! The camera had to adjust 15 times to the lighting... Its too good for concerts.

The Movers came back out for an encore... and they were supporting Butler Basketball! The concert was at Clowes Hall!! It was a fabulous time. Everyone loved it.  Charlee was getting sleepy towards the end of the show and wanted to just rest her head on our shoulders while she watched them sing and dance.  She made it through her 1st concert!!!
KiKa's Birthday! Kenz went on spring break with her friends and they drove back on her birthday so when she got we had a little birthday party waiting on her.  Buca's to go, and cake.... it was yummy!! Happy 19th...
Go Butler! Gavin made fun of us for buying new Butler shirts for the games.  We were just supporting our Indiana team... why not?  Wish they would have won!

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