Apr 19, 2011

Daddy is 30

Gavin turns 30 this week! We had a surprise party for him at his grandma LaLa's house.  Its the perfect house for all things fun.  I thought a corn hole tournament would be fun for him with all his friends so I sent the E-vite out and thought the weather would surely be decent enough to play some corn hole... Weeks went by and friends were in on the surprise but the forecast was not playing nicely.  It was great weather up until Sat the 16th... then it was 48* and a chance of flurries! Are you serious? So I continue planning.. ignoring the weather.coms prediction (they are always wrong... right?) People called: are we still on for Sat? Its supposed to be super cold... you know that right?  Yes... I know.  So Sat morning is here and I get the cake, and the cake is amazing!! Its so so so good!! (Cakes by Jen 289-5209) She is in Brownsburg.  Anyways... I'm pretty sure Gavin knows what is up.  I told him I was going to get his cake and was gone 4 hours... he had to know... Dave was sent over to entertain.... still he has to know because he is a Groninger and you cant surprise them... ever.    Dave thinks he is clueless so I have some hope.  Then I start thinking he is just being nice and letting me think I'm pulling it off. 
Charlee has a small meltdown while getting ready to leave and falls asleep on Gavin without her "party shirt" on.  So its going well.  Gavin is commenting on the fact that we are late... again.... as always...(this time it was intentional) So I tell him to grab a jacket and he is like "No, I'm fine... we are just walking in" Okay then.  He wants to drive... perfect.  Finally, I tell him to go a different way and he is objecting then it clicks... "Are we going to Lorettas?" Then he is speechless for a while.  He had a good time... I think it was a good birthday! Duh... Winning!  No corn hole... and I'm pretty sure it snowed for a second it was that cold.  Thanks to everyone who helped me pull this off.  He still says he didn't know.  I'm skeptical.
Buckets is passed out by Papaw.
The cake lady Jen asked me "So is this for your son?" HaHa... nope my husband. He still watches that crap.
The family shirts were from Adam @ (223-4146) And "I Bring It" is something that The Rock says.
My sisters and Blanka!! I don't know where Molly is....
My shirt says "My husband is 30"

When Mickey Mouse came on the kids ran....

LaLa got some extensions!!!
Charlee liked them.

Only group shot of the night....
Gavin survived the big 3-0!

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