Feb 17, 2011

Happy HEART Day

February 14th... Love! Much love is surrounding my family today.  We started off with the red outfits.  Visited Super Target for some last minute dinner needs and found some cute red heart plates on sale.  Charlee didn't really enjoy the trip to Target... many mini-tantrums even with grapes, juice, crackers, and finally a sucker at the check out that was everywhere... but I didn't care because she was happy and quietly getting red strawberry sucker all over the cart and somehow she mastered getting her hair stuck to her face even though it was pulled back in a pony.  Talent I tell you.  We then stopped by Moody Meats for some fillets for the one meal I will cook this month (yeah, my resolution already was an epic fail, Gavin reminds me all the time) Charlee's eyes were almost closed when we put it in park.  She liked Moodys and was at the tired stage where she just let me hold her and she quietly looked around and then watched contently as the nice lady wrapped and taped our steak.  She was snoozing well before we got home.  She didn't nap very long, but it was long enough for me to do some laundry, put dishes away, do a quick once over the house to make it seem like it was cleaner than it actually was.  When she got up she didn't cry out, she just played and I heard her talking to Minnie so I was peeking at her on the video monitor and she was just holding and trying to get Minnie to take her popski like a good little mommy.  She heard me open the door and so we just played and waited for Daddy to get home.
Oh yeah... I snuck a heart sandwich into his lunch with a note! He said I just took a bite out of his sandwich... rude. 
Outfit before she had mac-n-cheese:
After Mac-n-cheese: Still cute even if we are topless! Daddy brought her a Valentines Gift.
Doda and Boots!  She is in love with Doda and Boots right now.  Its a request sometimes and I didn't think the day would come where she didn't perch down and ask for "Mickey"

Hugs for Boots!
Daddy is the best because he got a Doda card with stickers.  I'm not sure she understands stickers yet, because I got one off and she acted like I just broke her favorite toy.  She doesn't like that its sticky so ... yeah, we aren't ready for stickers yet.

Confused face
Well I tried to jazz up her outfit, but putting clothes on her isn't the easiest job lately so we went with a headband with a flower/bow?  She left it on for exactly 2 pictures and the 2 pics weren't the best but it's all I've got.  It was so cute.  I tried to show her in the mirror how cool it was, then I tried to put it on... nada! I vaguely remember her giggling as she ripped it off and tossed it to the floor as she sprinted by with Doda tucked under her arm on her way to the toy room to shove her into the baby doll bassinet.

She sometimes gets really frustrated with her hair in her face, so rarely she will let me clip it out of the way.  She is still obsessed with jumping on our bed... to the point where I make her get down because she is so crazy when she jumps she gets like wayyyy too close to the edge and all those thoughts come into my head that are ridiculous.  Its not crazy (Gavin thinks I'm nuts) I can picture bad things happening if she slipped off the side of our bed... A tiny bit far fetched but still she doesn't need to jump on the bed anymore for my sanity.

Side note: I hope I'm not the only one who kinda freaks about things when my mind thinks about all the what ifs... scary town!

All our love cards!
Okay our plan was to make steak on the grill.  Gavin told me he wasn't sure the grill would work... I must have ignored this whole conversation.  When he got home and I told him to go fire up the grill... he just looked at me and calmly said "I told you the grill was a no-go, trust me, it wont work" Perfect I have steak and the only thing that is in my head is I'm not waisting them... so I happen to pull out my handy dandy cookbook for some ideas.  I pan seared them and then finished them off on the George Foreman... this is just typical for me.  But after the smoke alarms stopped ringing and the front and back door had to be opened for us to see across the living room... I topped them off with Blue Cheese crumbles! Your not going to believe me, but they were the best steaks I've ever had! Swear they were so good.  I want to make them again soon. 

Cookies and wine! What a combo. We all were fed and tucked in by 9:30.  I've been informed that I'm going on a date Saturday night, I think this is the 3rd official date since Miss Buckets has joined the family.  Exciting times are ahead. Happy Valentines Day.

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