Feb 16, 2011

My Mini Valentine

So a little clutter never hurt anyone right?  Our house is full of "messes" as Charlee would say.  What to do for Valentines Day?  Big question.  Its never been a big Holiday in our house.  I have told Gavin not to get me flowers and its taken a while for him to actually believe me.  Ya know... girls just say that and actually want them... Nope, but hopefully he downsizes to just a rose or two instead of the big dozen.  That sounds really rude that I don't want a dozen roses from my hubby... but realistically a card would be just fine because the roses die and sit in the water for days and then I don't want to throw them out because they were so expensive... so hence the problem with flowers.  I will love them if I get them.... don't be mistaken.

Anyways... I'm pretty sure Gavin is loving the newly decorated entertainment center.  What would look better than a string of girly hearts dangling down while you watch Sports Center? Pretty mommy...
She is an awesome helper...
We were fine until we wanted on the table... sitting is never good enough.

Her hair just looked so long so I had to get several shots... haha

Why is she getting so big? She is like a little adult sitting at the table. Aww.. sadness

Yes we had every intention of getting the Valentines mailed on time but we had to do drive bys to family in town to guarantee their Valentines Day delivery! its the thought that counts right? And to the Bogues and Armstrongs that we couldn't do drive-bys at... they are in the mail... sorry.  I know your shocked that I would be late at anything...

Bath time:
Rock star pose:

She is getting pretty good at washa washin herself:

Happy Happy pre-valentines day. 

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