Feb 12, 2011

Stir-Crazy February

We were getting pretty confident with gymnastics and tonight she was being a little diva.  She didn't really want us to help her do anything.  She wanted to run and get the stray ball she spotted in the corner... we know how obsessed she gets with balls!! So once she was eyeing that yellow ball, it was kinda over for gymnastics.  She also wanted to slide into the foam pit right away even though it was "hidden by some mats" so we barely made it through the stretches at the beginning.  I did take my camera AGAIN, and I will continue as long as I feel like it.  Gavin said "Your taking that again?" as I grabbed it on the way in.  I don't care if I'm the only mom taking pictures.  I'm sure everyone knows Charlee is our 1st so we might as well give them something to laugh about.  Maybe someday we will chuckle at the new parents with their only child bringing their "mommy camera" and the video camera to the 3rd and 4th class...  and tripping over their own feet trying to get a picture of every move she makes.  I think I will be sad if I'm not still this excited in 2 years or 4 years.  I hope I continue to amaze myself at the amount of pictures I can get in a 30 min class.  My personal best is kinda sick... Gavin cant stand that I don't go through them right away and delete the not so great ones.  The truth is I cant bring myself to delete any... so because of this my card is always full too.  This is also a Gavin favorite.  He just gives me this look like he is just so disappointed in me... but never says anything, so then I start dying laughing begging him to just give me a min to delete some pictures... he just shakes his head.  Love those moments.
Here are some of my 1st-time-mommy-takin-pics-at-every-class pictures:
This was new: She was diggin it.

Oh how could I forget... She was like "what? your puttin me in time-out?"  She thought she couldn't get up.  Poor baby, she was confused a little. 
Man I just want to Windex the mirror!
Our friend Gabbie told us about a Kindermusik class at the Aquatic Center, we could try the class for free to see if it was something we would be interested in.  It was a great class but Charlee probably would have been more entertained in the next age group up.  She still danced, played, and ran around wearing her little self out.  Daddy came to class too. 
Alex was pretty chill the whole class. 

This was her standing in the middle of the class just swingin her arms like no big deal.  Totally not what everyone else was doing.  She was happy so momma was happy.

Gaeton brought Jenny and Gaston too!! He rocked out the class... he was too cool for this baby stuff.

We were supposed to be swaying all sweet and calm-like... but she liked jumping and bouncing.
Aww... God bless my husband... he actually picks up the camera without being prompted now... what a good Daddy.  Plus everyone knows I'm still alive!
Amber and Morgan joined us for a play-date at Jump -n- Play!
Charlee started out shy, not sure what this place was all about.  didn't know if it could be true... a place she could really jump everywhere and not get hurt or yelled at to be careful (I still told her to be careful, It just comes out... I cant help it) Morgie, on the other hand was flying around like she had been there before.  Charlee calls her Morgie! It was cute, she didn't know where Morgan was at one point and was shruggin her shoulders raisin her arms sayin "I-o-know (I don't know) Morgie" And we still aren't comfortable with other babies wanting to hang out with me.  Morgan wanted to see the pictures on the camera and Charlee would otherwise care less about what I was doing, but when Morgan came close... she just looked at us both and said "No Mommy" and "No Morgie" Diva.  She wont ever be okay with a little brother or sister... unless she is like 10 when they get here.

These mini slides were okay for a while... but she had her eye on the big ones and I had to go down with her... she wasn't taking no for an answer.  So I almost tore my ACL in the process, but we went down these slides that were so big... the big kid slides.  I had to carry her through the obstacles and up the make-shift ladders... and fly down these slides that actually "took my stomach" like a roller coaster so I know she had to feel it.  I thought for sure after the first time down she was going to be terrified of slides for the rest of her life, I was almost scared to look down at her little face... because half way down I realized I'm the worst mother for taking her down this... and after we were laying there flat on our backs I looked at her and she couldn't be happier.  "Moe Slide" "Tank u Mommy" She was so pleased.  I didn't really want to do it again but don't worry we only had to go down about 10 more times... I spotted Amber and Morgan having a chill-time still in the little part and wished I never let her go down the big slides because now I'm pitting-out my shirt and tearing my ACL hauling 25lbs up and down, in and out, under and over the blow-up obstacle course for a 5 second slide.  Amber strolled by with Morgan and said something like "Your going to be exhausted"

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