Jan 24, 2011

Charlee's 1st Gymnastics Class

My little baby is getting so big!!! I just look at these pictures and wonder how we got here so fast?  We went to the Dr this week for a check up and she is a whopping 25lbs and 33in long.  She is 65-70% for weight and OFC, and then SHOCKINGLY she is above 97% for height.  The little dot on the graph was above the highest line... and once again our Dr just giggled as she saw me start to panic about her being so tall.  I know I have no control of it so I need to just let it go, but I know that kids are mean and I'm already thinking if some kid in school is teasing her about being tall that I'm going to have to beat them up... not kidding. I'll bring it.  I'm serious.

    So we had her first gymnastics class!! It was a success. I was a little nervous about her being in the 18-24mo. class, so we just trialed it and then let the teacher decide if she thought Charlee would be okay in the class or if she needed to go with the 12-18 monthers.  It was a mommy and me class so we went out with her... correction: Daddy and I went out with her.  And Gavin started out with the camera!! He is getting good, he used to get so annoyed when I would ask him to take a picture and when he did agree he would just click and not care at all if you were looking... so props to daddy who actually got some precious pictures.  And he now knows how important pictures are to me so I think he makes an effort to get me in a few... OR I'm crazy and it never crossed his mind.  Probably the latter.

    She wasn't quite up to speed with the whole listening and following directions, but with some assistance from daddy she did just fine.  They started with circle time and had little hankie/scarves to keep them busy while they were stretching.  She just liked shaking it.  Mrs Kelsey was very good with them.  They took turns going around to the different stations... I was impressed with what she could do.  I had no idea she could do all this.  I was in shock.  My heart was swellin right out of my chest watching my baby rock out at another first in her life. 
Im lovin everything about this:
And this:
Daddy is the photographer....
Mrs. Kelsey helping Charlee figure it out.  I love legwarmers!! I love how they make her chunky legs look so delicious.
Proud Papa.... Charlee is LOVING this. She didn't want to leave this station.  We had a mini baby jam at the bar station.  Gavin kept saying how strong she was... he was shocked she could do this. 
forward and backward rolls down the ramp mats. we are loosing the legwarmers... no time to fix them either

Next 3 photos again taken by daddy!!  Back at the bar... This time she was getting mad at me touching her. 

Loved the slide... into the foam pit!

This was 5 min after we left! Worn-out sis. I think we got dinner to go and she slept all night.

Poppy comes to visit! Actually Poppy came to drive my beater of a car to get a new tire (or two). The day before I must have hit something, I wasn't aware of it... but by the time i got home from Hoosier Gymnastics (less than a mile from our house) it was completely flat.  Gavin, Papaw Danny, and the guy replacing the tire think that I had to of ramped a curb.  I didn't, but they don't believe me.  Sooooo glad my dad came to drive my car! Thanks Dad! Love you.

Charlee ate a banana when she got up from her nap.
She was telling me something....

finally got my tumbler done.  It was a pain in my rear, once I had all the pictures ready the paper was too thick to slide back into the tumbler... So annoying.
Charlee doesn't usually like her towel on at all after showers/baths, but this time it was a cape and she loved it.

She has mastered falling without dropping her babies... talent!

It was a good week for everyone.  Charlee visited Lala, Aunt Jenny, and Poppy this week because I had to work a lot of weekday nights.  Thanks to everyone who takes such great care of my baby when I cant.  I take comfort in knowing she is with family who love her instead of a babysitter.  I know she gets kinda bossy and her favorite word right now is "NO" so feel free to use time-out.  My Brother and Sister-in-law were up at Poppy's house on Thurs and Friday so Charlee got to see them and Reece and Bricyn before they went to Covington for a showing and funeral.  Not the circumstances you want to see them under, but glad she got to see her cousins for a little bit.   And sorry baby Bricyn for the tennis ball to the melon!

I'm on the hunt for some gymnastics leotards.... $40 is too much to spend.  Hopefully I will find some before next class.
Happy Monday!!

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