Jan 6, 2011

New Years Diets

Yes we had cabbage! It is a tradition that is supposed to bring good luck in the new year.  And my momma always added a dime for wealth in the New Year.  So before work on Sun I stopped by to have a little luck.  Might not have been such a good idea since i was going into work later. 
I always wish for more time and more money.  I need to just let it go! So since i needed to find another resolution... that's going to be it.  I'm going to stop wishing for more time and more money.  I need to just get 'er done with what time and money i have. 

So I cant get Buckets to drink her milk.  She is so stubborn and she will try it and then shake her head no.  Even with vanilla, strawberry, and Chocolate!  This was at Ninas and she would finally drink it with a straw... Hallelujah!  Still I feel like she is dehydrated because we aren't offering her any juice so she will be forced to drink her milk and its not happening.  She wins every day when i cave and give her a juice box, or when she asked MiMi for water in her Princess cup.  Then chugged it in 2 sec flat.  That makes me sad.  Cant she just have juice forever? Why does this have to be so difficult.  We forged through the No-Cry-Sleep and she did cry for 45 min the first night and then woke up at 4am to cry again for another 30. Heart was broken.  But since then she really only wines for a few minutes.  And this girl will be snoring and drooling if she falls asleep while we rocky her, and the second she touches the sheet on her bed she pops up and is wide awake before i can even turn around to leave the room.  It has been amazing now that she knows we aren't going to let her play her trying-to-stay-awake games.  Why is it so hard? It shouldn't be.  She should just do what she wants around the clock i think.

 Aww this day she was very clingy at nap time... I just hated that :) And I held her on the couch and watched a movie until i was completely soaked with sweat and drool, then she didn't mind that i laid her down!  This blanket is so soft... my friend at work made it! Love it.
m Girlfriend is rocking the french braids!!!
Haha... I find all kinds of stuff in the lazy susan! Honey, Malibu rum, passy, sippy cup, old Cheetos...
Okay so Malibu, Kahlua, and Captain all in the pictures! Nice work Megan.
Oh yeah, this helps when we are only to give her milk.  If you don't know this already, Gavin gives in to whatever she wants.  Even if its Diet Coke.  Look at his face, he knows he is bad.
And since its still New Years weekend.... We need to have one more batch of cookies before the diets start on Monday.  Who starts a diet on sun?
Charlee was very helpful.  She has zero patience.  She isn't very gentle.  And she needs to do everything mommy does. 
So she needed a hug after she had an accident......
"Ahh NO"
This is her patience.... "Stuck, Stuck" as she digs her nails into it. Haha... and egg is still on the floor.
I cant believe its 1-1-11!! Just saw it on Uncle Gastons calendar he sent us!!!
Ariel, Jasmine, and "No white" wanted lunch too!!

Hugs and Kisses!!

A chug session when mommy gave in.

Fishy Kisses!! So speaking of kisses, my friend Steph and I were talking about how much we miss open-mouthed kisses.  Just a mouth full of slobber.  I did get to capture one... at our reception!!!
Um... We need to work on your play room baby!! Notice the cat tried to get in the pic. Where is Addie?

loves to throw things away!! After more investigating... I now know that a table from her dollhouse and a pillow from her baby bed is for sure GONZO! So I'm pretty sure they were a victim of the trash monster.

Happy baby with juice spilled all over!!!

Okay so as i was sitting here typing... just this second we (Gavin and Mackenzie) just found out what she has been saying for a couple days that we couldn't figure out "Tata Bloo" 
She came running in here, with a DVD in hand "Tata Bloo, Tata Bloo, Tata Bloo" And the DVD was Tinker Bell.  I know its kinda a stretch but she has a way of making it sound pretty darn close when you hear it in person. So we just got so tickled, and felt like champions of the world now that we know what she was saying.  We had a small victory! She on the other hand was probably thinking.  "These people are so dumb i have to bring them the DVD" Poor girl has to deal with us just repeating her acting like we knew what she was saying while grinning and nodding like freaks!!

Side note: So, I drove Brandy to work last night and we were so thankful that we were together on the drive home for more than one reason, but mainly because of this:
Photographer Brandy B. on the cell phone camera after several passes she had the phone ready and waiting for this woman to pass under the semi walking her dog while we were at a stand-still for 45 minutes.  All factors: bad morning, super tired, really bad morning, left a little late, then traffic stopped, and poor Bill (Brandys hubby) he couldn't answer our questions fast enough about where the crash was, and when we would be able to move! He did offer us a plan: We should go through the median and turn around.  I don't have the picture, but we both were hysterically laughing when we looked over at the median! Huge cement ledge... basically, not happening unless I'm unaware of my hovering switch in my car.  So we didn't get home until 9:30... sick, sick, sick! If we wouldn't have rode together both our cars would have been parked on the side of the road with two nurses asleep at the wheel.  And then i had to get up at 1:30 to get Charlee- in a small blizzard! I'm kinda tired still....
Happy Thursday.... Greys/Private and wine later tonight!!!!

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  1. These are great pictures, Megan! Nice job on the playlist, too!