Jan 12, 2011

Play dates and football games

So my friend Michelle is coming to visit and it looks like this outside.  She just had a baby, and I haven't seen him yet so she is bringing him today.  Cohen is about 6 weeks old.  She finally did make it and I was so glad to see them both.  Stephanie was here with her kiddos Mason and Mallory.  We had Mexican!! Chips, salsa, and white cheese....Yum.  And how can we have Mexican without margaritas?

 Mason, Charlee, Mallory, and Cohen
 Little mommy holding a wiggly baby.
 Steph pretty much hogged the precious all day.  I did get a few cuddles in when Charlee was busy playing, she goes nuts when she sees me holding a baby.  She would catch me out of the corner of her eye and it was all over... "Mommy, No, No, UPIE, UPIE" Upie means up and she reaches and wants me to pick her up. I would have tried to hold her and the little cuddle bear, but i was afraid she would take a swipe at him and with no extra hands... she would be successful. So I gave him up to give my girl some kisses and hugs to reassure her she was still my baby.  She was over it after like 2 min and went back to playing.  Kinda makes me wonder how she is going to handle a little baby brother or sister eventually? Nope, not pregnant, nope, not trying... just wondering.  And who am i kidding... a little sister is what she will have.
 I don't know how that happened!
 This is what happens when we don't get a nap and play all day!!

Hanging With Mommy
She helps me make the bed, then she gets between the mattress and the baseboard.... loves it! Until she cant get out.  "Stuck, Stuck" then she goes right back for more.

 This is her new thing.  She hides behind the curtains....
 Then pops out to say "Pita Boo"

Stupid Colts

She is all ready to cheer them on after her bath. Actually, she is tired and in a zone watching Mickey! We were getting ready to go to Nina's to watch the games.

 "Mom, stop interrupting me to take pictures"
 Just so you know... Gavin's comments all day "They are going to lose" "Peyton sucks" "No I'm serious" So all you Colts fans that are wondering who messed it up for us... Gavin did.  He wouldn't shut up all day long, so if your wanting to blame someone...
 Papaw and Charlee started a fire and it was fabulous.  I dosed off for the last quarter of the Seattle game because I couldn't help it.  I had a glass of wine, a recliner pulled next to the fire, and a warm blanket!  It was one of those good tired feelings, warm and fuzzy- partly from the wine I'm sure.
 Look at her face though, that little chin!! She told papaw to blow on it... it was "Ott"
 She couldn't help herself either.  Eventually she gave in to the fire.
 And Mackenzie's outfit "blew my socks off" I tricked her into posing, but really i just wanted to document her fashionable moment.  She will thank me later.

So it was a total bummer that the Colts couldn't make it happen, but the day was awesome because we had family together around a fire so we were in one of those moods where it doesn't matter because we have good food, good wine, good conversation, and a fire... a real fire! Thanks papaw


  1. wow megan thank you for putting my outfit on here. love you too.