Dec 18, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Charlee is ready for some cookies! Daddy picked out her outfit today and it was a MUST that she wear the hat! We are on our way to Grandma and Grandpa Kosts.

 Notice the bruise on her cheek and the scratch on her nose... and the hat is covering a bruise on her forehead. Seriously

 All the new things to touch. She was so overwhelmed with things to break... i mean touch.
 Singing snowmen was a crowd favorite.
Charlee thought all the candy canes would be better inside the hat...
 I found the ornament that is my favorite.  My grandparents have this and my mom has a few and the best part about them is how they smell.  They are several years old so the smell is fading but man i would tape that to my nose all season to get my fix if i could.
 This is serious stuff.... you must try it. 
 No worries, he wont be driving anywhere.  Maybe for Christmas we can get a new shirt for the tradition.... or not because i think it still looks good and Grandpa is too sexy for his shirt. 
 So this cartoon is about 40 years old... my aunt drew it on the back of the recipe card. Any guesses? Grantie Karol drew "Two people walking abreast" HaHaHa... It doesn't get old..... ever.
 The trees lights were off.... then on..... then off and we were getting confused.  Charlee (Elmo) discovered how to turn the lights on and off.  Little stinker would stand on it.
 Sampling fudge
Poor babies wanted to go outside.... so we put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and they quickly sprinted into the living room and were sucked into the t.v.
We had fun but had to have Papaw drive us home because Charlee was spent and fell asleep as soon as i put her coat on her.  I wish i could bottle her up when she is asleep and loving on me... its pretty much the best thing in the world. Gavin told me today he would freeze her at this stage if he could. I wish they really would invent something that would bottle smells.  I love her breath... even in the morning.  I love the way her hair smells and even her sweaty feet!!! Love them all.  She gives lots of kisses to us now and i must say it warms my heart every time.  Gavin bribes her for kisses.  She hasn't caught on yet.
Christmas moment warning: This is me being extremely Christmas Cheer-Meister but I'm going to tell you that i have a glass of wine, Gingerbread candle burning from Yankee, Disney's Christmas Carol on pause awaiting my return, and I'm waiting on my hubby to bring me some scotch tape because i ran out and then i will finish wrapping presents. Its sick how happy that makes me.  Add some Christmas cookies and hot chocolate..... I'm jealous of myself.

Geniva Groninger (Gavins Great Grandmother) who is 102 years old is in the hospital and is ready to join her loved ones in heaven.  Please pray for a peaceful transition.

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