Oct 16, 2011

Charlee's 2nd Birthday Party

Charlee's Cowgirl Party!!

This was the only mold that went with the theme... I was trying to find Jessie.  Gotta keep the tradition going of me making her a birthday cake!!

The Guests:
Cowgirl Morgie came in on her trusty steed.

Morgie, Charlee, and Alex posing

Cowboy Brett and daddy!
Angie and Harvey
Sheriff Robbie... love the boots
Sheriff Gaeton sat with Charlee for a few photos.

Michelle and Cowboy Cohen!

Cowgirl Harper!
Cowgirl Sadie!
Auntie Meghan!
My big girl was gettin ready to blow out her candles!

The kids all shared nicely!

Opening gifts was a huge hit for all the kids.  Charlee had lots of help playing with all the toys.

Scott gave my girl her first flowers!

Cowgirl Tia, Cowboy Taco, and Cowboy Jacks came from W. Laf..... whoo hoo

Charlee ran in her boots all night.... that's some talent!! I thought for sure she was going to take a fall, but she didn't!!
Kappy and Jax!

Outlaw Zach!!
Look at LaLa's decorations! It was perfect!!!

Oh yeah we were thisclose to falling asleep on Uncle Gaston. He loved it!!
We had a blast, the weather was perfect and the party went very smoothly. I'm a happy momma. Love everyone for coming to celebrate my baby's 2nd birthday!!
And... she totally slept with us that night.

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