Nov 7, 2011

Worst Mommy Moment

Worst Mommy feeling ever:

This was Charlee's Sleep Study that we did so we would have "evidence" of her needing her tonsils and adenoids out.  Let me back up... Charlee is a snorer! I happened to mention it at her 2 year check up and our Dr wanted to have her go to the ENT because her tonsils are "generous" (large and in charge).  So we set up the visit and he was ready to schedule surgery just by looking at her tonsils and me witnessing her snoring.  NO WAY.  So he then said we could do a sleep study to get some evidence of her snoring being an issue.  So this is us at the sleep study:
For the record... we do sleep studies at work on babies, and this is not what I was picturing, this is not what we do.  So any moms out there that are thinking they need to do this.... no, unless your child is not breathing at night, or has major issues I would never do this again. I think surgery would have been less invasive. Okay, that was a slight joke, but not really...
I was okay with the first 15 leads... but when we started putting 25 on her scalp... I started questioning the poor guy.  He just kept saying "this IS what the Dr ordered, and yes, this IS standard for everyone"... Long story short... they probably hated me! This is excessive... I was so mad, I called Gavin and he tried to be the supportive, fix-the-problem-for-me husband and told me to just leave and take it off her. I was already thinking it until the RT just casually mentioned insurance wouldn't pay if we walked out.... ****, ****, ****!! followed by crying.... from me and Charlee!

This was before the **** hit the fan:
(notice nothing in her nose...)
Obviously I didn't get anymore pictures of our night from "you know where"... She finally ripped everything out of her nose for the 4th time and I begged them to let her fall asleep and then try to put the stuff back... so that's what we did... she woke up 3 or 4 times crying trying to rip everything off.... I have a pic of her asleep that I sent to Gavin, but then I deleted it because it just made me want to cry, and she loves to look through pictures on my phone so I didn't want her to come across it and have flash backs of the worst night ever!!
Lesson learned: try not to torture your child unless its absolutely necessary!

Chad, Jen, and the girls were at Shannon's so when they woke us up at 5:30 to leave, and that it was over we went straight to Shannon's to hang out.  I might have gotten 45 minutes of sleep! And it was when I finally slept in bed with her (like they told me not to do)... at that point they probably knew they would have lost an eye or some teeth if they would have came in to tell me to get out of bed.

So my baby was tired and took a nap with the help of Aunt Jen... and the Scoobie sticker!
Aww.. love them!

Kids in the bath:
Charlee loved Ella...

Pumpkin baking:
Danielle came over to cook with us and we were on a mission to make some pumpkin stuff!!
Helper Charlee!!

obviously she doesn't like pumpkin!

And how rude of me... this is the only pic of Danielle we got!! Her cutting apples for our apple/pumpkin cupcakes!
Apple pumpkin cupcakes with Butter cream apple cider icing... yum.
Heaven: Pumpkin choc chip brownies.

P.S. Charlees results came back fine.... thank the lord. I still feel like trash for putting her through that.

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