Nov 8, 2011

Punkin Pickin

Anderson Orchard
We went to the pumpkin patch at Anderson Orchard to pick us some punkins. Charlee kept trying to lift all of them, and then wanted help lifting them.  We did get her to settle on a cute one, but really she would have been fine climbing all over them.  She spotted the park the second we drove in so delaying that any longer wasn't happening.  I got us some apple cider slushies and Carmel apples while Daddy took her to the park.  I was good with the park because its far away from the bees... I hate bees and because of my hatred, Gavin likes to act like he loves them. He all of a sudden is a bee-lover, hes really annoying because he draws so much attention to the fact that they don't bother him, it ends up bothering me.  And I'm positive that is his goal. 

Thanks Daddy for taking the pics!! You are getting so good at taking them.  I'm impressed because it used to be you get what you get I'm just clicking at the general area... not anymore! I think he tries to take better pictures than me now! I'm loving it.

Okay I went nuts on the swing pictures.... but seriously she was cracking herself up and every picture was good.

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