May 16, 2012

Spring Break 2012 Panama City Beach

We stayed at the new condos Splash.  It was very very nice I would recommend it to any family going to Panama City.  We stayed in a condo with Mimi and Papaw and Gaston, Jenny and Gaeton.  Nina and Papaw came down with Keekah and Manny for her senior spring break with her friends.  Jenny's parents came down as well so we had lots of people to hang out with.  The weather was pretty good for Panama City.
Charlee wasn't exactly thrilled about the beach but she got used to it. She would rather be at the pool swimming around making new friends.  I didn't mind, sand isn't my fav so we would be up at the pool and people would come visit on the way to the bar or to go to the bathroom. Nina/Papaw and daddy came to play several times. They also had a splash pad that was perfect for Charlee. 

When we were actually at the beach... she loved Papaw taking her into the ocean.  There was one day when the waves were calm we took her out to the sand bar and jumped for about an hour over the waves.  Everyone came out, it was really fun and Charlee couldn't get enough of it.

Totally wiped out from all the fun.

 One of the days we got her to stay out at the beach for a long time was when I got out the baby powder.  It is awesome for getting sand off and keeping it from sticking to you. (thanks pinterest) She was playing for a good hour.  The baby powder was gone but she was having fun so that was worth it.  Daddy was covered in baby powder.

 Gaeton and Charlee had snack time and ate some Oreos while they watched Spider Man.
These babies are pretty spoiled... watching a movie on the IPad at the beach.

We went out for MacKenzie's 20th birthday with everyone at Pier Park.  The restaurant was pretty fun and they were known for being "rude and kinda smart ass-like" We all got paper hats with clever little sayings on them. Charlee passed out at the table while I was holding her and the waiter put a balloon on her wrist to be funny.  She enjoyed the balloon when she woke up later!!
This is the only family pic we got on vacation where we weren't in bathing suits.  Thanks to the lady at the next table wanting one of her group... she kindly returned the favor. Charlee wasn't wanting to miss a second of Daffy Duck to say cheese.

This is our other family picture from the trip. Thanks Manny.

So much fun.
I'm a little sad I didn't grab the camera more on vacation, usually I take way too many and everyone is like seriously... put the camera down.  I need to get back to those annoying ways. And it was a good week for our new baby... he or she is 13 weeks now and I can have a slight sigh of relief that we have made it this far. So blessed.

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