Jun 27, 2012

Busy May

Hello again. I feel like I have a million things to update on -And I can't organize them into special little blogs... so the month of May is getting dumped into this blog.

To start with we have moved into Nina and Papaw's house. We moved out on April 28th and have renters in our home. We were a little hesitant to rent, but thought we would give it a try when asked and here we are moved into the basement of my mommas house. Its been an adjustment for everyone, but I didn't know it would be as hard as it was on my little baby. She is 2 1/2 and as much as I thought she would never remember or care that we were moving im pretty sure now that she was a little stressed out with the move. I don't remember it being sad when I was packing each box, but when we were done it was super sad that we were leaving our first home as a family. Im sure that im a tad bit more emotional because im pregnant, but still we brought our baby home to this house and painted and decorated and made many memories in this house on Arlington Dr. I was so stressed by what our house looked like everyday and the rush to get it packed in time that I rarely had time to reflect on what actually was happening until 2am on Sat morning when we (the gang of cleaners) left for the last time. Um, I probably should thank my mom and Greg for their help when I was on the verge of having a melt down the last night, can I blame it on pregnancy? Ok then. Still..I dont think it really hit me until a few days later what a huge event in our lives just took place... or maybe it still hasnt hit me... who knows my pregnancy brain keeps me guessing.

Thanks to my family and many 1st offs at work that we got it all packed up and cleaned ready for renters on time. Thank the lord I have an understanding husband who didnt let me do much more than pack the boxes and tape them up. He came home to boxes and things to lift and move every day and Charlee and I would go with him to the storage unit for moral support and to direct what goes where. Charlee just managed to get dirty every time. Papaw Greg made several trips with us too after work. Gavin decided to hire movers for the BIG stuff on that friday. It was well worth it. Everything made it sucessfully to Nina's in one piece.  Nina had the basement cleaned, painted, and somewhat decorated.  We are getting a bathroom downstairs too!
I did still manage to take some pregnancy pictures. I wanted Charlee to be involved in as many as she wanted to be in so she gets to hold a little chalkboard with the number of weeks we are.

Manny and Drew went to prom and I tried to take some good pictures for them.  They had a blast and Maddy looked gorgeous.  It WAS the hottest day ever, poor Drew in his tux.


Charlee was at Gaetons 3rd birthday party while I was taking pictures, I went to pick her up and she had a blast and of course didnt want to leave, but was so tired she needed to leave. Some of our friends actually told me Charlee looked like me and that made my day!

Charlee got a new swing set for the summer. She loves it and this summer has been pretty much a naked one. She loves being naked, I dont blame her and while shes still little I let her.

We must have told her it was time to go inside... she is pouting.

Manny's Graduation

We also had our ultrasound this day and we made it through without seeing the sex of our baby.  The ultrasound tech was awesome, she showed me everything was perfect and working properly.  Heart, brain, kidneys, and skeleton... it was amazing to see our little one look so baby-like compared to the bean one we got at 9 weeks.  The ultrasound lady didnt even go near the genitals because I have been known to sneak down at work and peek at friends babys little parts.. im kinda good :) So she was a trooper and made our day. Well, Gavin was trying to talk me into caving in the waiting room - I knew he would do that so I was already mentally prepared to hold strong. He will thank me in the end.

Little Charlee couldnt make it through the entire graduation so we went out and played on the.... escalator.  Yeah I know, it was all we had.

Up and down at least 20 times until daddy came out to play with us.

By the time we got to dinner at Harry & Izzys little wee one was passed out.  And thankfully she let daddy hold her because with the belly and heels I almost broke my ankle trying to walk and hold her durring the end of her meltdown before she crashed.

Look who we found in the parking garage after dinner.... Drew!

Maddys Graduation Party

Harper and Charlee

It was a great party and we are all very excited for Maddy and know she is going to have a blast at IU!!
Go Hoosiers.
June should be a calmer month for everyone.

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