Aug 16, 2012


Charlee got to spend some quality time with her cuz Bricyn.  We went to Splash Island and had a blast for about 2 hrs. Then when our little puddle jumpers wouldn't be approved we left and went to LaLa's Pool.  They loved it and Charlee was picking up on Bricyns swimming skills.

 We took our dip n dots to go! Banana split is the best for sure.

 We made it to 24 weeks, which for all you medical peeps out there... we are viable.  Little baby G still needs to cook for at least 12 more weeks for me to feel comfortable.
 June 26th was our Anniversary... 3 years. Daddy took us to Harry and Izzy's. It was delish. Charlee was very well behaved and got to spend the evening with us.

 She flew to the car! haha...

Its been nice that daddy is off work so we can go do things during the week when everyone is working... wait, nobody works apparently because this trip to the zoo was the busiest ever.  We had to park so far away it was unreal.  It was 70 degrees so maybe that was why everyone was at the zoo. It was so enjoyable not sweating to death.  Charlee loved the Oceans and the giraffe the best. 

 Loved the Giraffe...

 Momma elephant and baby elephant. So cute.
 We got to ride the train.  Not what I remembered, and kinda lame, but she loved it. 

June is shaping up to be a great month. 

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