Aug 16, 2012

July 4th

We went to LaLa's July 4th party.  Charlee and Gaeton were Avengers for the day.  It was a blast as usual.  Charlee has become obsessed with swimming.  She loves her goggles and only daddy can seem to put them on right.  She just tells me "its not working" when I try and trust me, i try everything.  Daddy is the hero of goggles, I just need to deal with it i guess.

 Sorry, but her butt is the cutest ever.

 Our family pic... some melt down of some sort ruined it.
 Getting bigger... yikes
 Fun at Nina's pool.  What dorks.

 Manny ... getting all her classes lined up for IU.
 Nice goggle lines.
 Belly bump

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